From IT security admins to Chief Information Officers (CIOs), those charged with data security for enterprises understand that the human element of a firm is often the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain. While technical tools from antiviruses to firewalls can help, a lack of understanding regarding cybersecurity risks, poor practices, and an inability to grasp complex systems can make employees a vulnerability that threat operators are only too quick to exploit.

Read on as we look at three key areas of concern when it comes to staff and cybersecurity.

1. Password security

Employees often seek to make their daily tasks simpler to save time, but when it comes to passwords, this can be a problem. Allowed to select their own passwords, staff may pick credentials that are too easy to crack. Additionally, if there are tick boxes that allow them to save details so they don’t need to enter them each time, they will take full advantage of them. Additionally, they are unlikely to update passwords periodically and may share them with others during the time they are active.

To remedy this, issue passwords directly to them (changing them monthly) and ensure that no option exists for them to store them on the system.

2. Cybercrime awareness training

Staff members who are unaware of cyber threats are more likely to fall for scams and schemes like phishing attacks. They click on links that download malware or have their company login details harvested on bogus phishing sites.

To mitigate this weakness, run phishing tests on all staff, drilling them on the latest attacks and how to spot them. Makes sure they know how to report attacks, and who to report them to.

3. User-friendly cybersecurity solutions

Security software and tools can be useful, but if the solutions chosen are too complicated for employees to use, they can be detrimental to a company’s defences. If staff find a solution too complex, they may use it improperly or in some cases will not bother at all.

To solve this problem, research the cybersecurity solutions you opt to install carefully and ensure they are user-friendly so that employees will be able to grasp how they work and implement them effectively.

A secure workspace for your staff

With an understanding of the cybersecurity risks associated with employees, Galaxkey has created a secure workspace offering high-grade protection solutions approved by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

No passwords are ever stored on our system and its state-of-the-art encryption solution is supremely simple to use, while delivering powerful data protection. With an easy to implement drag and drop action, users can keep compliant with data regulators and ensure private and personal information is never accessed by those without authorisation.

The robust three-layered encryption can be added to documents being stored or attached to emails, as well as the body content of any communications providing a comprehensive solution.

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