Safeguarding sensitive and personal data is the continuing mission of information security officers of enterprises. From switching computers off when not in use, to employing passphrases in preference to passwords, there are multiple ways to protect devices and the data they contain. In the following sections, we investigate three key ingredients for enhanced data protection.

1. Regularly back up data files

While often overlooked, among the most basic ways to protect data is to simply back it up. A data breach refers to not only stolen files but those that are accidentally erased as well. Systematically and routinely backing up all files can help companies to stay resilient, whether they are faced with a natural disaster like a storm or a manmade incident like a ransomware raid. When an unfortunate event occurs, companies can simply restore important data and keep operating effectively with no loss of service.

The cloud can make an ideal option for data storage, although it must be used with an effective security strategy in place. As the company data is not stored locally, it can be easier to access if hardware is impacted.

2. Employ anti-malware

Hidden in what appear to be helpful emails from a trusted contact, or overlaid in iframes on websites you visit, malware is a prevalent problem for firms. It can have multiple purposes, ranging from spying and snooping, to corrupting files and offering hackers control of your device. It can even install infections that spread across connected machines in a network, wreaking havoc as it goes.

Anti-malware solutions can provide devices with a layer of defence able to detect threats and contain them safely. To ensure they are making the most of anti-malware, users must keep the software current, installing the latest updates available as soon as possible. It is a wise move to set up a schedule of automatic updates, but users must make sure their device will be powered up during the designated time established for the upgrade.

3. Encrypt all data as a deterrent

Encryption software offers enterprises the option to scramble their sensitive data whether they are sending it in the body content of a communication or storing it on their server. Cybersecurity experts insist that data encryption is still the best way of safeguarding private information and suggest that all information stored or sent is encrypted, not just sensitive files. Cybercriminals snooping networks will quickly zero in on encrypted files believing them to be valuable, so if only a few exist, they can quickly identify confidential data. By encrypting all your files, a hacker may spend hours decoding the content, only to find the data involves nothing useful and quickly become discouraged.

The most effective solutions offered to encrypt data are not only powerful but easy to use, to ensure they are employed correctly. That is why at Galaxkey, we have created a secure platform that empowers end users to encrypt sensitive emails or stored documents with a simple drag and drop action.

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