Collaborating and communicating are key processes for most successful enterprises. However, when data is exchanged that regards confidential company deals or the personally identifiable information (PII) of staff members, customers and members of the public, it is essential that security measures are adopted for protection.

Data encryption software is an ideal way to safeguard information being shared and sent. It can effectively ensure that confidential data is only viewed and used by those with express permission while providing a trackable record of all who have interacted with it and any amendments made.

In this blog, we’ll look at three different types of data exchange that encryption is perfectly suited to protecting. Read on to find out more.


Private and sensitive information is emailed by companies around the world, but if it is sent to the wrong mail recipient or intercepted by hackers, it can result in a data breach. Fortunately, end-to-end encryption can be applied to emails, ensuring that mail can only be read by the sender and their intended recipient.

Leading email encryption products will make the contents indecipherable to unauthorised entities, including attachments. This is important, as often the most sensitive part of an email is its attachments, for instance, contracts, invoices and spreadsheets packed with PII.

File sharing

Collaboration platforms allow companies to share data in-house and with external contractors like consultants, partners and freelancers. Encryption is an excellent way to make certain that private data files are never compromised. Dedicated decryption keys can be issued to specific individuals, allowing them access for a limited period that allows them to carry out their temporary roles.

Chats messaging

While email is still a popular way for companies to communicate, the use of chat messenger applications is becoming increasingly popular. Offering the opportunity for real-time conversations, chat apps allow colleagues to discuss projects quickly and closely for clearer communication. However, chat messaging features are also a common option on official websites that allow customer service teams to help clients and members of the public with questions and queries.

It’s understood that whether internal teams are discussing an upcoming company project or if a customer has a complaint, the content of chat messages often concerns matters of utmost privacy and require discretion.

Fortunately, secure instant messaging is perfectly possible with data encryption. A specialised form of chat messaging, this solution enables enterprise users to encrypt and decrypt all information contained in their messages so that only those involved in the conversation can view them.

Experts in data encryption

Regardless of how your company, college or local authority department exchanges data, if you require cutting-edge encryption, you can count on Galaxkey. Our solution combines components of the most advanced encryption formats to create three layers of protection for data. Based on the accredited onion model recommended for government use in the US and approved by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), our solution offers optimum protection.

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