January is well-known around the world as National Clean Up Your Computer Month. While good housekeeping and best practices are advised all year round, it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of a fresh approach in the first month of 2023 and get your device in order. Keeping a computer clean has a wide range of benefits, from making it easier to find the information you require to achieving optimum loading times. However, the term “clean” can also refer to ensuring your device remains free from unwanted malware and safe against threat operators. Read on for some important practices you can adopt for National Clean Up Your Computer Month.

Back up your files before deleting

Cleaning up your device involves removing any unwanted files by deletion, but in case you accidentally get rid of data you need, running an additional complete back-up is a wise move. As a result, you can easily recover any information erroneously deleted. Regular back-ups are an essential element of protecting data, but also ensuing your firm remains resilient against cyber-attacks and natural disasters. If you suffer power loss due to an extreme weather event or get hit by a ransomware gang, you can get back up and running quickly.

Deleting unwanted data and apps

It is common for many users to have a range of temporary files with names like Document 1 and untitled 3 littering their desktops, not to mention apps they have only required for limited use installed on their systems. Delete all unnecessary information and applications for faster processing and greater organisation.

Classify your data

All information saved on your machine should be categorised according to its sensitivity and allocated specific permissions. This will ensure they are never put at risk when you are tidying up your files and archiving them. Unclassified data can accidentally be exposed when it is stored in easy-to-access areas of your computer or network.

Encrypt all the data files you are keeping, ensuring that they remain protected. By encrypting the data, you can move, send, or store it wherever you wish, and it will stay secure.

Update your software and operating systems

Running the latest versions of operating systems and software will keep your computer clear of malicious activity. To remain effective, even security software like antivirus and anti-malware must be updated. This will help your device remain free from unwanted spyware, adware, viruses, and other malware types.

Keep your computer cleaner with Galaxkey

At Galaxkey, we have created a secure workspace for employees of enterprises, local authorities, and educational institutions. Our solution is designed to promote cleaner computing with zero backdoors, threat operators are thwarted from gaining a foothold on your system and no passwords are ever stored where they can be harvested if left exposed.

Our system also offers advanced tools to keep the data you store and send safe like cutting-edge encryption and electronic document signing. To make the most of National Clean Up Your Computer Month contact our team this January to keep your files tidy and protected.