Data Protection is an important focus for all businesses. Not only will a data breach affect your business performance, it can also lead to huge fines and loss of industry reputation. Businesses need to consider the steps they take and policies which can be implemented to ensure that sensitive data within the business stays secure at all times.

See some of our top tips for understanding data protection security in your business and preventing unauthorised access to your data both internally and externally:

3 Tips For Designing Your Data Security Solutions

#1 Understand What Data Your Business Has

To create a data protection security plan you need to first understand the exact amount, and sensitivity, of the data your business holds. This can be done through an audit – either internally or with the help of a third party. Data could include anything from client information, HR details, financial figures and more. Mapping out the data you hold will give you a granular overview of the areas which you need to design a security plan for.

#2 Get Team Buy-In

Your employees are central to your data protection security measures. Without them following your data protection policies, even the most stringent of security plans will fail. It’s important to make sure that your team understand the importance of data protection and getting your team’s buy-in is a big factor in the success of this. This could be done in the form of a presentation, or team training, to help each department understand how data security could help improve their jobs and any unique responsibilities they have to play. If you’re introducing new software, such as Secure Workspaces, then ensure you take the time to train your team properly and answer any questions they may have.

#3 Invest In Secure Software

There are many forms of secure software that can help you improve your data protection security. These solutions include Secure Workspaces, Email Security and Document Security programmes. These solutions can be used individually or combined for a bespoke solution that guarantees complete data protection security company-wide.

Get Help With Your Data Protection Security Today

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Each of our flexible solutions are designed to operate across a wide range of platforms, helping your business work securely across a range of devices both in the office and on-the-go. It’s easy to implement our security technology solutions including email encryption, secure workspaces and more – meaning your team can embrace data security measures quickly with minimal training needed.

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