Companies seeking to stay at the forefront of their field, and local authorities and schools looking to protect the data they retain on members of the community and students, must look to the latest technology available for information security.

Here, we’ll explore two key cybersecurity features that every institution, organisation and government department should consider if they want to remain secure and keep operating effectively.

1. Encryption

According to cybersecurity experts, encryption software is arguably the most important technology that can be adopted to safeguard any data considered confidential or sensitive. The exposure of information retained on data subjects can see firms pay out millions in fines to the UK’s data regulator the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) if they are found to have taken insufficient security measures.

Using encryption software answers this issue succinctly. Encrypting information kept on record or being emailed is accepted by the ICO as an effective measure for protecting data. Encryption scrambles all content it is applied to, rendering it unreadable by all but those provided with the means to decrypt it.

This ensures it remains private and means that whether data is intercepted, stolen or shared in error, it will always be safe.

2. Electronic signatures

Another invaluable option for firms protecting data, electronic signatures provide full transparency for data regulators, allowing them to see the entire journey of an email or the whole history of a specific document. Accessible only by individuals whose electronic signature is valid, data can be protected with such proof as dates, times and information on who it has been viewed by whenever required.

Electronic signatures offer a whole host of other advantages for firms. Allowing documents to be authorised in seconds as opposed to the hours and days required by postal signatures, they can save time, increasing productivity and speeding up workflow and business processes. They are also a far less expensive option in comparison to international couriers, special delivery rates, and the running costs of printers and their associated materials such as paper and toner.

Powerful protective features at your fingertips

In keeping with the cybersecurity needs of enterprises, local governments, educational institutions and other entities requiring robust data protection, we at Galaxkey have developed a secure solution that is exceptionally simple to use.

Certified by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), our platform supplies companies with powerful encryption for correspondence by email and sensitive documents being stored, shared or sent. With a couple of mouse clicks, enterprise professionals can easily keep data safe from threat actors and avoid potential data breaches.

Our system also offers a state-of-the-art electronic sign feature that allows personnel to work flexibly and safely, verifying those accessing information and providing a trail for data regulators seeking proof of appropriate security measures being used.

For optimum protection and complete peace of mind, chief information officers can rely on our platform. Get in touch today to experience a free and convenient online demonstration, or take advantage of our offer of a two-week trial at no cost.