With the platform release of version 5.6.7 Galaxkey has incorporated two powerful features with Galaxkey Workspace

  1. Unzip Files – you can now easily unzip files in Workspace without downloading them locally. This is a really useful feature when users have to download large zipped files. With this feature, the user can just unzip the zip file in the workspace itself and then only download the files that is required. The feature is available on the version of Galaxkey Secure Workspace.
  2. Copy/Move across workspaces – users can now move or copy files across Workspaces. Users need not download files to upload to another workspace. Complete file and folders (multiple) can be moved across to workspaces. The workspaces have to be owned by the same owner for this feature to work.

If you have any queries how to use these features or if you need to upgrade your setup, please talk to support@galaxkey.com