To remain operating at optimum performance while staying safe from cybercrime is a challenge most modern businesses are now facing. Overly complex security measures can inhibit workflow and hamper productivity, but with a secure workspace, company personnel can carry out their roles efficiently while protected by state-of-the-art security solutions.

In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into just some of the many benefits of using a secure workspace.

User friendly

Secure workspaces are engineered for ease of use. To keep life simple for users, these solutions operate transparently behind the scenes, allowing personnel to perform tasks free from security management complexities. Boasting simple interfaces and single-click tools, cybersecurity measures seamlessly become part of everyday workflow.

Maximum flexibility

Whether staff are working in the office, at home or while travelling on business, a secure workspace is ideal for every scenario. Suitable for a wide arrange of different devices and operating systems, a secure workspace ensure protective policies remain in place while allowing companies to remain agile.

Ultimate data protection

Designed to keep companies compliant with regulators and protect data, world-class secure workspaces ship with the latest innovations. Encryption software allows staff to safeguard data files and email communications (plus any attachments). Whether company content is being stored on servers or the cloud, sent or shared via email or online apps, users can ensure it remains confidential with a single mouse-click. Additionally, all files uploaded to workspaces are automatically scanned for harmful viruses.

If data files and documents are amended or altered, in-built versioning ensures that a clear record is kept. A clean copy is always retained when changes are made to ensure no data loss occurs. Many companies are unaware that along with sensitive information being stolen or disclosed, data destroyed also counts as a breach. Fortunately, between versioning and encryption, all incidents are effectively covered by using a secure workspace.

Do you need a secure workspace now?

At Galaxkey, our secure workspace has been designed to ensure your people can work effectively and securely from any location, using any device and operating system. Ours systems stores no passwords and presents no backdoors for unauthorised access.

Packed with the latest tools, it equips users with cutting-edge end-to-end encryption and electronic signatures. Get in touch with our dedicated team today and book a free online demonstration, or a two-week trial to test-drive it in person.