Electronic or e-signatures have been in use for many years but have seen increased adoption since 2020. To remain resilient during the pandemic, many companies were required to operate remotely with teams working at home.

To accomplish business processes effectively despite not being office-based, many firms accelerated their digital transformation and e-signatures represented an important tool in this initiative due to the unique advantages they offered.

Today, we’ll take a detailed look at the multiple gains companies can access when they choose to use an electronic signature solution, whether their staff must work remotely or on their business premises.

Staying secure and keeping compliant

Electronic signature is designed to be admissible in UK courts and is accepted on almost every type of document. Unlike wet ink signatures, e-signatures are tamper proof, ensuring that no unauthorised individuals can interact with important documents. A complete record of access can be recalled, meaning firms can prove compliance to regulations. Signatories can also be validated to ensure any signatures added are always legitimate.

Expediting contracts and enhancing workflow

Using traditional methods, signing a contract or invoice can take between days and weeks, but with e-signatures, documents can be completed in mere minutes at any time and place, and on any device. As a result, businesses can enjoy streamlined work processes. Signing is also easier to keep track of for administrators, with alerts, reminders and updates all fully automated for a smoother workflow.

Going green and saving on expenses

Companies can save resources by using electronic signatures. No courier and postal costs are accrued, and no printers and printing supplies ever need to be purchased. The additional benefit of using e-signatures is that they help businesses lower their carbon footprint by promoting a paperless office. As a result, organisations can improve their public image and attract forward-thinking clients and customers that value the environment.

An enterprise grade electronic signature solution

If your firm is ready to enjoy the multiple benefits listed above and improve workflow and security, we can help. Galaxkey has developed an electronic document signing solution designed to meet the express needs of enterprises, educational institutions and local governments. Allowing documents to be completed efficiently and securely in minutes, our state-of-the-art solution is second-to-none.

Get in touch with our technical team and arrange a free two-week trial of our solution, and start accessing the advantages of electronic signatures today.