Despite the security risks involved in transmitting private information via email, for communication and document sharing, it is still the preferred approach adopted by many companies.

Due to its known vulnerabilities and its prevalent use, email has become a popular attack vector of cybercriminals winding their ways into company networks with worms, viruses, trojans and other malware.

Email accounts can also be accessed by hackers with sensitive contents peeled open and ready to be rummaged, while individual messages are easily intercepted and read during their journey from sender to recipient. To combat the threats from cybercriminals and mitigate the risks of sending private information via email, data security experts have developed an extensive armoury of defensive measures companies can use to protect themselves.

Exploring email security

The main purpose of email security is to ensure all email communications and company accounts remain safe from attacks, and ensuring all content contained is never put in jeopardy by being susceptible to data leaks.

A multi-layered strategy, email security involves many types of built-for-purpose technology and software. While these provide multiple methods to secure email accounts and messages, those who use them must be factored in. For any email security protocols to be effective, they must work alongside a rigorous schedule of employee training, ensuring all staff firmly understand their company’s security procedures and policies.

What procedures are advised for advanced email security?

Here are five steps you can take:

Cycle passwords – enforce the use of robust passwords and frequent changes so if a compromise occurs, a password’s use is always limited.

Filter spam – use dedicated scanners to filter and block unwanted spam that may contain threats aimed at employees to avoid productivity being hindered, and sidestep phishing attempts and malware downloads.

Protect against spyware – A professional removal service or powerful anti-spyware software can root out malicious mail attachments and fix any altered settings and files automatically.

Encrypt email content – cybersecurity experts advise that the most potent form of protection for email accounts and communications is encrypting content, meaning it remains indecipherable if intercepted by threat operators.

Educate staff – hold training sessions and put personnel through their paces with regular simulations of email-based attacks like whaling and spear phishing, but ensure upper management are tested too as they make prime targets due to the permission levels they possess and the private nature of data they handle.

Defend your email use with a complete solution

To facilitate secure use of enterprise email, Galaxkey has developed an innovative platform. Our secure workspace ably equips companies and their personnel with all the tools they need to communicate via email from a safe location. With robust verification levels that allow senders and recipients to ensure they are not being exploited, and cutting-edge digital track and sign features, employees can safeguard their correspondences. Staff members can also easily encrypt the contents of their messages via a user-friendly interface and simple drag and drop action.

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