Protective security involves putting measures and countermeasures in place to defend an enterprise or institution’s assets against potential risks. Protective security protocols are designed to effectively safeguard confidential data, company email accounts, personnel members, and business networks and systems from threats.

In the next sections, we’ll look at some different types of protective security available to those seeking to put premium levels of defence in place.

Encryption software

While cybersecurity specialists will all take a different approach to enterprise protection, one point that most will agree on is that using encryption software is vital. Rather than creating a safe area within a computer system that users need permission to access, this approach efficiently protects and secures the data itself. Not only does this measure add enhanced protection to sensitive content, but it allows it to be easily shared, transmitted, and moved easily without ever endangering its security. This makes for safer and smoother work processes that enhance productivity.

Encryption software can scramble the characters of a document or email, ensuring it is illegible to unauthorised entities. Only the originator of the content and those with express permission to view or interact with the data file are issued with a decryption key, guaranteeing its security.

Electronic signatures

Fast and efficient to employ, electronic signatures (or e-signatures) also speed up workflow while keeping information secure. This protective security option ensures that only those who are granted access are able to view, alter or delete information on a system. Users can be verified by their e-signature before receiving access, ensuring no unauthorised individuals can seize or tamper with data. This solution also provides a complete record of any interactions with a data file and alerts its originator of any alterations, deletions, and views.

Email security

Strong passwords backed up my multifactor authentication (MFA) methods are protective security measures advised by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) here in the UK for email accounts. However, applying encryption to all emails is also recommended. Should the worst come to pass, and an unauthorised actor enters an email system, they will be unable to view or steal any content during their intrusion. It is always wise to encrypt all emails instead of only those containing sensitive information. Attackers will be less likely to zero in on confidential data if they can see no difference between your communications, adding additional protection.

Cybersecurity awareness

Creating a culture in your company where employees at all levels are aware of the risks of cybercrime can provide enhanced protective security. With staff able to identify potential threats and report them, each one can become an informed watchdog for your system and the data it retains.

Protective security made simple

To be effective, all security measures adopted by a company must be robust yet easy to use. Galaxkey offer powerful tools to prevent cybercrime and data compromise that have been designed with users in mind. From single-click three-layer encryption to cutting-edge e-signatures, you can count on our secure workspace to provide a safe working environment with string protective solutions for staff. Contact us today to experience a free trial over 14 days.