Advice found online about how to stop a ransomware attack rarely discusses dealing with an assault that’s already underway. This is because the best way a firm can defend itself from this insidious attack is to take preventative measures beforehand.

By moving from a detection strategy to prevention tactics, companies can make themselves less vulnerable to attack, leaving them able to react swiftly and return to normal operations.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of crypto-malware. It is used by groups of threat operators commonly called “ransomware gangs” to encrypt a company’s data files, effectively blocking authorised access to them. If a firm wants access returned, it is forced to pay the ransomware gang a payment, usually in hard-to-trace cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Files chosen typically contain data crucial to how the company operates, and are targeted by operators to cause as much disruption as possible, although in other cases they may simply contain confidential information.

This is an option used increasingly by attackers, who not only encrypt data but steal it simultaneously. As an added way to intimidate victims into paying up, ransomware gangs threaten to release the private information to the public or sell it to other cybercriminals via black markets on the dark web.

What attack vectors are used to deliver ransomware?

Ransomware is often deployed using phishing messages with payloads dropped when a staff member clicks a malicious link. Raising staff awareness of phishing emails is a key part of avoiding ransomware attacks. Phishing testing can be conducted at your company to train staff to spot incoming assaults and ensure they know the correct protocols to follow to raise an alarm.

System vulnerabilities can also be exploited, so ensuring the software and apps you use are always up to date is vital. Updates will include the latest security patches that can keep ransomware operators out of your infrastructure.

Why are backups critical to cope with ransomware attacks?

Systematic backing up of all your data files will make certain that you can return to business swiftly when attacked. If ransomware operators penetrate your system and encrypt your files, you can restore the data you need to function quickly using your backups and thwart their attempts to cause chaos for your company.

Comprehensive data protection from Galaxkey

Here at Galaxkey, we have constructed a secure system for enterprise use, allowing staff to work in a safe environment and ensuring sensitive data remains secure. Our platform empowers companies with innovative tools that allow them to verify email senders and raise alerts when data has been tampered with, and to identify potential incoming attacks. It also offers powerful encryption for data, allowing firms to safeguard confidential information. If ransomware gangs attempt to exfiltrate company files, they will be unable to easily view the data within, rendering any threats of disclosure empty.

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