What is Digital Identity Authentication?

Digital identity authentication is becoming the new norm for cybersecurity products. In short, it uses biometric identification to authenticate access to your sensitive and confidential data. The technique is more secure and more auditable than using other multi-factor authentications such as SMS or app-based token generation. To use digital identity authentication, the user has to be physically present and have their own device with them.

The Yoti platform provides an extremely strong digital identification method. Along with providing authentication,the platform (which includes a handy app) also gives you complete control of the information that is shared. Since Galaxkey is all about data protection and privacy, an integration with Yoti is the perfect match, as it extends the core architecture of Galaxkey and provides a strong authentication framework.The process of authentication is very simple and doesn’t require the use of any passwords. Authentication can be performed from all the Galaxkey clients including Microsoft Outlook Plugin, iOS, Android, Browser Portal Client and MAC OSX. To start using it, all you need is a valid Yoti account. And what’s more, the Yoti sign-up is free.

Galaxkey’s corporate customers can register for a Yoti Business account which enables them to control the level of authentication based on the business data sensitivity. For example, the corporate can make it mandatory for a facial or video verification before authentication if extremely high security authentication is required.

More about the Yoti & Galaxkey integration

With this integration, we aim to provide:

  1. Authentication
  2. Sender Verification
  3. Recipient Identity verification for opening Emails
  4. Member Identity verification for Workspace Access

In each instance, Yoti is embedded into the core fabric of the Galaxkey encryption platform.

This integration allows corporates to perform dynamic KYC (Know Your Customer) for their clients. Businesses can be completely confident that the individual with whom data is exchanged is definitely the individual they are intending to work with.

Eliminate Phishing completely

When an individual receives an email, they can verify that it has been sent by the claimed sender. This helps eliminate phishing completely. The Yoti verified email also provides an auditable trace.  When you access your encrypted emails, you are definitely sure it’s from the right sender.

How the integration works when sending an email

When sending sensitive data, the sender needs to make sure that the information is accessed by the right intended recipient. This is where our integration will help. Our unique recipient verification will ensure that the sender can verify the recipient of the email, as per their own security requirements that are pre-defined in Yoti. They will also have a detailed audit log of the accessed information.Yoti verification is embedded into Galaxkey’s encryption and unless the user verifies themselves, the recipient cannot access the data. This ensures that the data is not visible if the recipient is not physically present to open the encrypted information.

Corporate users can register with Yoti Business to enable a personalised view of the Yoti verification. So when users verify, the verification is requested by the corporate Yoti Business account, rather than a generic Yoti verification.

How the integration works when using Galaxkey Secure Workspace

Yoti is also integrated into Galaxkey Secure Workspace to provide Yoti verified access to workspaces.When members are added to a workspace, the workspace owner can mandate Yoti verification before access to any data. So, each time a member wants to access data in a workspace, they are verified using Yoti to ensure it’s the intended member wanting access.

Would you like to know more? Contact the Galaxkey team to arrange a demo of this powerful and unique integration now.