To take advantage of specialist knowledge and skills available possessed by different individuals and organisations, collaboration is an essential process for every successful company.

In larger enterprises, internal teams and different departments must combine their understanding and abilities working together. Smaller operations, on the other hand, may not possess the skillset and knowledge base and must work closely with experts and businesses who are an authority in specific areas.

While collaborating can help a company operate effectively, when communications occur and data is shared, sent or stored as part of the process, it must remain secure. If data is shared with an unauthorised entity or private information is disclosed after being improperly protected, such incidents are classed as breaches. Data leaks can have catastrophic consequences for firms, including expensive fines, lawsuits, remediation costs and loss of professional reputation.

As a result, data protection measures are vital for those working on joint projects. Today, we’ll look at why encryption is an ideal solution.

What is encryption?

Encryption software is developed to render data files like documents and email messages (along with their attachments) illegible to those without express authority to interact with them. Unless a user has been given the correct decryption key, they will be unable to view, download, save, edit or destroy the data.

If data is misplaced, shared online accidentally, or sent to an incorrect recipient, it remains secure if it has been encrypted. The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has stated that providing that appropriate encryption has been used to secure a document, such an event does not count as data breach.

How does encryption facilitate collaboration?

Cutting-edge solutions are simple to use, allowing collaborators to safeguard their information swiftly with a single mouse click. Users can share decryption keys among those they are working with and keep others out.

Data kept in a secure area on a network may be safe, but when you want to work with others, you must give them access to your system. Encryption allows you to protect the data itself instead. As a result, you can move data freely around your network but also beyond the protective boundaries you have in place. This enhances collaboration while making certain that all information remains protected during exchanges.

An encryption solution you can count on for collaboration

At Galaxkey, we offer a state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption solution that has the approval of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). It has three individual layers of encryption and is based on the onion model as recommended by the US government.

While offering robust protection, Galaxkey encryption has been designed with the user in mind. Simple to use, our system is easy for users to grasp, helping them to always use it effectively. By contrast, in many reported cases, complicated security software can result in staff members either using encryption incorrectly or neglecting to employ it at all.

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