Companies that adopt electronic signatures as part of their protocols and processes soon discover that they offer a multitude of benefits. Allowing important agreements and invoices to be signed in seconds online, they can speed up business activities, enabling enterprises to work more efficiently. Exceptionally flexible, they also ensure documents can be signed from any location in the world on any device.

There are also cost savings to be made when using e-signatures. No special delivery or postage services are necessary, and no expensive printers and printing supplies are ever required. The added benefit of this is the promotion of a paperless office, enhancing a company’s green credentials.

While all these benefits are impressive, perhaps the biggest boon delivered by an electronic signature solution is the security they can offer. In this blog, we’ll examine why an e-signature is a much safer option that sticking with conventional wet ink signatures.

Tamper proof and audited

Wet ink signatures can be subject to tampering and forgery. However, the multiple layers of security involved in e-signatures make them difficult to interfere with. Signatures also come equipped with detailed audit reports that are court admissible, helping users conduct transactions without security concerns.

Audit trails capture key information like any interactions with documents, time and date stamps and signatory details. Some e-signatures can even record the location where a signature was added. Whether a dispute occurs, or a regulator is investigating an issue, e-signatures offer a more detailed security record than a wet signature can deliver.

Encrypted documents

Unlike a document signed by a traditional signature, electronic options are protected by public key infrastructure (PKI). The content of any document is encrypted making it indecipherable to anyone who does not have appropriate authorisations. Signatories are issued a corresponding key to add their name to a document and any interactions they make are recorded with a time and date. This process ensures that the contents of any document remain private and secure while promoting document validity.

Authenticating signers

E-signature tools also offer enhanced authentication methods that can verify the identity of a signatory. Multiple options are available including email link authentication, account-base authentication (non-SSO and SSO), password signing protocols, and even ID and supporting documents. Being able to swiftly and efficiently confirm the identity of a signer can make electronic signatures a more streamlined solution than opting for a more conventional and convoluted approach to verification.

A state-of-the-art e-signature solution for all your needs

At Galaxkey, we have created a comprehensive electronic document signing solution that is second to none. Designed to be user friendly, it is easy to adopt, ensuring your teams get to grips with it quickly. Offering paramount protection, it will ensure that you can sign any document you choose digitally and securely, while keeping compliant with data regulators.

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