Email is still among the most utilised form of company communications across the world, despite having many risks in terms of data security.

If an unauthorised individual gains access to a mail server or staff member’s enterprise email account, they can find a wealth of sensitive material. Not only can emails contain personally identifiable information (PII) on the account owner, like their date of birth, address, National Insurance number or banking details, but also information on others such as colleagues and clients, friends, family members, vendors and suppliers.

Emails don’t even need to be hacked to cause a data breach. If an email is mistakenly sent to an incorrect address on account of a typo and the contents are sensitive, this constitutes a data leak, and the firm will be held responsible for anyone’s private information disclosed in the incident.

To cope with these threats and counter the risks, email encryption can offer a suitable solution. While the best policy is not to send sensitive material via email if it can be avoided, all communications using email should benefit from encryption to keep their contents secure.

What is email encryption?

Encryption software allows users to make their emails indecipherable to anyone but their intended recipients. The recipient will be issued with a dedicated key that allows them, and them alone, to decrypt the content sent to them. Anyone else intercepting the email will just see a random selection of nonsensical characters if they attempt to read them. Data regulators like the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recommend the use of email encryption to safeguard private information when it must be sent via this channel.

Can you encrypt email attachments?

Encrypting only the message content of your emails presents a significant risk to your enterprise. Attachments added to emails often include confidential material ranging from invoices containing financial account details, to company contracts describing private deals. Fortunately, a comprehensive email encryption tool will allow you to ensure not just the body copy of your emails is unreadable by those without correct permissions, but any attachments are covered as well.

Comprehensive email security at your fingertips

At Galaxkey, we have constructed our most secure system with a mind to providing enterprises and their staff with a robust set of security tools to help them communicate via email safely. Our platform allows users to track the passage of emails and verify who the senders are, while if any amendments have been made to the content, they can receive useful notifications. When emails have been received and read, they will also be alerted.

Our system also boasts powerful three-layer encryption to ensure all body copy and attached documents are completely indecipherable to unauthorised viewing. This all adds up to powerful data protection and helps your company stay compliant.

Whether data is at rest or on the move, it will always stay safe when staff use the Galaxkey secure workspace for email. Contact us to book a demonstration, and enjoy protected email options.