Businesses are increasingly using new and innovative options to communicate with colleagues and clients, from dedicated applications for mobile devices to online chat platforms. While this trend seems set to continue, email is still relied on for sending more official – and sometimes confidential – messages. Email attachments can contain contracts that require signing, financial accounting reports or personnel application forms containing a wealth of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), from names and dates of birth to telephone numbers and addresses.

Should this content be intercepted or fall into the wrong hands, it can have damaging consequences for companies. Data breaches can result in expensive lawsuits, fines from regulatory authorities and dish out a devastating blow to a firm’s reputation. Email encryption provides a stalwart solution to this vulnerability, but not every enterprise takes advantage of it.

Information accessed by prying eyes

Cybersecurity experts have commented that sending an unencrypted email is like mailing a letter without an envelope or sending a postcard, because if it is intercepted or sent to the incorrect address, it can be viewed by anyone. With a simple typo, an email address can be sent to the wrong recipient and its sensitive contents exposed, constituting a data leak. In other cases, emails can be intercepted by hackers, who can steal personal information or use the private data contained within, such as passwords or credit card numbers. Sometimes, enterprise systems and accounts are hacked, allowing threat actors to ransack mailboxes, with those that are unencrypted potentially offering up a wealth of sensitive data.

A complete solution for email security

Employing encryption software can ensure that whether your email is misdelivered or accessed by hackers, its contents can’t be viewed. Just like a letter in an envelope, the only information that can be easily seen will be who the sender is, who it is addressed to and when it was sent. Encrypting email content ensures that only the sender and the intended recipient can access the enclosed data by using dedicated encryption keys. Anyone else opening the email will see only a block of meaningless characters.

Robust encryption that’s easy to implement

At Galaxkey, we understand that while encryption is a crucial tool for enterprise data security, if it is used incorrectly it will be ineffective. Experts agree that the weakest link to cybersecurity for any enterprise is the human element, and many encryption options can be too complex for staff to use properly. With this in mind, we have created a system that is simple to use and never unwieldy.

With a user-friendly interface, our secure platform offers easy drag and drop action, so personnel can quickly encrypt email content with minimal training. Our comprehensive system provides three-layer encryption for not just the message body of an email, but its attachments as well. Our end-to-end encryption features premium protection, with no passwords stored and zero back doors for unauthorised access.

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