The foundations of traditional data security are being put to the test. The recent leak of secret U.S. military information showed that the usual methods of protecting data have weaknesses. It’s obvious that we need a new way to deal with the risks in our connected world.

In this blog, we’re going to explore the problems with data security and show you Galaxkey’s innovative data-centric encryption platform. This solution has the potential to guide us towards a safer digital landscape.

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The Teixeira Incident

Jack Teixeira was a 21yr old US Air National Guardsman in the 102nd Intelligence Wing. In April 2023, he made headlines across the world. He leaked confidential U.S. military information onto the internet.

Teixeira’s shocking act was fueled by his security clearance level. He held one of the most elevated levels of security clearances in the US military – Top Secret: SCI. He had access to sensitive information across various programs. Because of his clearance, he was even permitted to access data that wasn’t related to his primary responsibilities. Data that he didn’t need to know.

The incident was a serious one. Teixeira exposed intelligence about Russian efforts in Ukraine and spying on US allies.

The FBI arrested him. Then, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike Turner, was tasked to investigate. He said he would “examine why this happened, why it went unnoticed for weeks, and how to prevent future leaks.”

The incident wasn’t just about one individual’s lapse of integrity, though. It exposed a deep-rooted issue – how to safeguard data in modern organisations.

The Need for a Modern-Day Security Approach

A decade ago, defined networks and dedicated devices were the norm, making the security of data relatively manageable.

But the landscape has changed dramatically since then. Today, cloud services, phones, laptops, and mobile devices run applications that allow data to move seamlessly and instantly.

This new digital world challenges our ability to control data access effectively.

Balancing Access and Necessity

The current approach to data access hinges on clearance levels rather than the principle of “need-to-know.” This all-or-nothing method grants access based on an individual’s clearance level. So, it allows them to access data they might not need.

It’s an outdated approach, but it’s common in government and private enterprises. Access to data is given to individuals through security clearances. It’s the only way they have been able to maintain some control.

Addressing Access Control Gaps and Vulnerabilities

Policies state that users should only access information where they have the authorisation. Yet, the current technology approach does not enforce these policies. Many commercial systems rely on access control based on predefined attributes or privileges. When these access controls fail, it creates a single point of failure. It leaves the files vulnerable to exploitation by malicious actors and human error. And unfortunately, history has shown that these vulnerabilities have been repeatedly exploited.

The traditional approach to file security relies on network-centric cybersecurity. Access to files is controlled at the network level. This approach can be insufficient in protecting sensitive data.

That’s the problem.

Revolutionizing Security with Data-Centric Encryption

Given the Teixeira incident, the need to change that approach is obvious. Firstly, data has to be secured independent of both network and the device. Then individual pieces of data can easily be classified on a need-to-know basis.

In short, effective, data-focused cybersecurity needs an approach that is independent of network and device.

To do this, security must operate at the file level so that as data moves, so does its security. Encrypt each file with access controls that tie directly to the data, and you solve the problem. It means that even if an intruder manages to breach your network, your encrypted files remain protected. They become inaccessible, mitigating the risks associated with network-centric security.

The incident involving Jack Teixeira underscores the importance of reevaluating traditional cybersecurity approaches. By adopting a data-centric security approach, you can protect sensitive information, even in the face of a network breach.

How Galaxkey’s Data-Centric Encryption Does Just This

Galaxkey’s encryption platform represents a significant leap forward in achieving a data-centric cybersecurity approach. It transforms the way we secure sensitive data. Its capabilities allow for a level of encryption that aligns perfectly with the requirements of this data-centric paradigm. It offers unparalleled protection for valuable information.

File Level Encryption

Galaxkey’s encryption platform can encrypt each file based on these two things:

  • its association with a specific program
  • its assigned classification

This level of granularity ensures that you protect files with utmost precision. You can grant access only to authorized personnel with the designated classification. By encrypting files at this atomic level, you can achieve a remarkable level of security efficiency. You can safeguard individual data elements independently rather than relying on broad blanket encryption.

A major advantage of this approach is its resilience in the face of potential data breaches. In the event of a breach, your encrypted files remain impervious to unauthorized access. This is thanks to the implementation of two encryption keys. These keys are tailored for the defined program and classification, so they add an extra layer of protection against data loss.

Galaxkey’s data-centric encryption solution empowers you to confidently store your files in cloud environments. With this level of encryption in place, there is no need for concern about data exposure. Only people with the necessary security clearance and access rights will be able to decrypt and access the files stored in the cloud. It minimizes the risk of data leakage and unauthorized access.

Elevating Data Security with Galaxkey’s Innovation

To summarise, Galaxkey’s encryption platform represents a game-changing solution for modern data security challenges.

It allows you to do these vital things:

  • Encrypt files based on program and classification at an atomic level
  • Utilize dual keys for added security.

In doing this, the platform ensures sensitive information remains shielded from unauthorized users.

With this level of protection, government and businesses can securely store and share their data. They can be confident that only authorized personnel, with the appropriate security clearance will have access to it.

Galaxkey’s innovation is paving the way for a new era of data-centric cybersecurity. It has elevated data protection to new levels.

Want to know more about how Galaxkey’s data-centric platform can help your organization protect itself from harm? Get in touch with our expert team today.