Digital signature features are fast becoming the go-to option for modern enterprises needing to send important documents and wanting to stay at the forefront of their sector. From their ease of use to the additional security they offer, digital signatures have many benefits that performing the same process by post simply cannot provide. Read on for a closer comparison of these two methods to decide if your firm is ready to make the change:

Saving time

When your company needs to get documentation signed off, digital signing is ideal. Whether you need a sales contract, purchase order or invoice approved, you can acquire or add a signature instantly, whereas the same process by post will take you at least 24 hours – probably longer, in fact.

Saving money

Signing documents digitally can add up to substantial savings for your firm. No printing is ever required so you can avoid the costs of expensive toner cartridges and paper supplies. You also won’t need to pay for postage, so you can avoid the expenses of special and recorded delivery fees for tracking private documents, or the rental and postage costs involved in using a franking machine at your place of business.

Needless to say, using less paper in your communications will also reduce your company’s carbon footprint in line with government targets for firms.

Easy tracking

With an end-to-end audit trail and automated alerts and notifications, you’ll find tracking your documents far easier with digital signing than by post. This frees your staff up to tackle more important tasks that demand their attention and ensures you can keep tabs on your documents at every stage of their journey from sending to signing.

User friendly

Sending, receiving and signing documents by post can be a complex and time-consuming business for all parties involved, often subject to delays. Digital document signing, on the other hand, is designed for ease of use. Documents can be signed via a browser or using personal mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This means that from anywhere in the world, at any time, a document can be signed off, which facilitates workflow and helps companies operate faster with greater fluidity.

Advanced security

Perhaps the greatest advantage of digital document signing over obtaining a signature by post is the additional security it delivers. Unlike postal documents, digital document signing software can offer a confidentiality guarantee and ensure all content included is tamper-proof. Documents can be encrypted, ensuring they can only ever be viewed by the sender and the authorised recipient. If the digital transmission is intercepted by a cybercriminal entity, the included documentation will remain indecipherable to them. This can avoid potential data breaches and confidential information being compromised or disclosed.

Cutting-edge digital document signing

Galaxkey’s unique and identity-based electronic signing solution is designed to provide premium peace of mind that postal services cannot offer. This state-of-the-art option empowers companies to securely send documents online outside and within their organisation and allows them to be signed instantly.

Get in touch with our expert team for a free two-week trial and start saving your company time and money today.