Collaborating is an important business process for most firms operating today. From sharing important documents with customers and partners to employees working as a team both inhouse and off-site, collaboration can be both external and internal. However, to ensure that information is exchanged safely and never put at risk, a secure platform is a vital requirement. In this blog, we’ll look at just three of the reasons why secure collaboration solutions are more important than ever before in 2022.

The rise of Hybrid and remote working

During the pandemic, many companies were forced to send their staff home to perform their roles under COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. To remain resilient, employees needed to work effectively while remote, and this included being able to share data securely via the internet.

While many teams have returned to the office, many firms have found that remote workers are happier and more productive working entirely remotely or part of the time in a hybrid working scenario. While operating beyond the secure corporate network, it is crucial that a secure collaboration platform is employed.

Supply chain attacks

Supply chain attacks, also knowns as third-party attacks, have earned a reputation for being a major cybersecurity risk for firms. Attacks occur when an entity infiltrates a company system via an outside provider or partner who accesses systems and data. Dramatically changing the attack surface of most enterprises, with more service providers and suppliers touching sensitive information than ever before, secure collaboration platforms are a must.

The rise of ransomware

Insecure collaboration allows unauthorised individuals access points to company devices and networks, allowing malicious software to be downloaded onto systems. This year, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) here in the UK stated that the greatest cybersecurity threat enterprises are facing is a ransomware attack. Often resulting in fines of up to millions when firms are found to have taken insufficient measures to safeguard data during collaboration, ransomware attacks result in expensive data breaches that can cripple companies financially and destroy their reputation.

Protect your company with secure collaboration

At Galaxkey, we have devised a state-of-the-art solution to ensure enterprises and those they collaborate can share information securely. Featuring powerful tools like end-to-end encryption and digital documents signing, enterprises can feel safe collaborating in 2022.

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