From the recent Microsoft Exchange attack to reports surfacing of MoD data breaches, the inherent vulnerability of email is being repeatedly exposed in the press. Email accounts are massive data hoards, with inboxes, drafts and sent items sections stuffed full of communication exchanges filled with detailed and often confidential information.

Here, we’ll explore why data encryption software is absolutely vital to ensure your firm doesn’t become a headline should your email system come under attack.

What is email encryption?

Email encryption scrambles the contents of an email making it impossible to read unless you have a key authorising you to do so. The dedicated public key infrastructure (PKI) is utilised to both decrypt and encrypt emails, and each correspondent is assigned a private and public key in a digital code format.

Defended against an account invasion

The majority of email users have no idea what percentage of their mailboxes contain personal information and data related to their company and its clients, customers, and suppliers. From financial account information to details of a more personal nature, this data can be used for identity theft, fraud, and many other malicious activities. When passwords and usernames are shared via these electronic messages, the accounts associated with them are also at risk, from banks and e-commerce sites to company portals.

If a cybercriminal makes it past your firm’s perimeter defences and infiltrates your network, they may have access to all your mail accounts and the data retained within them. When you choose to encrypt your emails, all information will be entirely indecipherable if they manage to obtain access. This can be a serious deterrent, as attempting to decode all your email accounts will be an exhausting and time-consuming process. In most cases, attackers are more likely to seek out a less secure victim.

Comprehensive email encryption

Encrypting emails is also ideal when sensitive information must be sent via this channel. If an email containing private data is mistakenly sent to the wrong address or is intercepted by cybercriminals, its content will be unreadable by the unintended recipient, preventing a data breach for your firm.

When selecting an encryption option, you must ensure it offers complete protection. This means that not only will the body copy of your email be encrypted, but any attachments will as well. This is crucial as attached documents often include the most confidential data being transmitted, from company contracts to invoices that have financial account numbers added.

End-to-end email encryption for enterprises

At Galaxkey, we have built a secure platform that empowers enterprise staff with a simple-to-use but highly effective encryption option. Robust three-layer encryption based on the onion model keeps data secure from start to finish and can be actioned by easy drag-and-drop functionality. Our system ensures both emails and their attachments are always encrypted, backed up with powerful tools that allow for tracking and authentication, including a digital document signing solution.

Get in touch with our professional team today to arrange a free 14-day trial, and test drive email encryption for yourself.