As a dedicated communication solution and for data sharing, email remains popular with enterprises across the globe. Despite the numerous other options available for messaging and file sharing, most companies continue to use it as a tool to receive and send sensitive data.

Unfortunately, standard email is not designed with a focus on security. As a result, default email systems are not characteristically secure. When combined with the current cybercrime climate and value of confidential information on dark web markets, email accounts are an increasingly sought-after target for both insider threats and external attacks from malicious operators.

Firms who wish to keep using emails for private data sharing are therefore advised to enhance the protective methods they use and employ email encryption software. Read on for some key reasons why every business should adopt this innovative option.

Malicious activity

Full of confidential information, emails accessed by unauthorised individuals represent a considerable risk if left unencrypted. If hackers invade inboxes or intercept communications, they can delete, steal, sell, or misuse private information for their own gain at the detriment of your business and any data subjects involved.

Accidental data exposure

Emails can easily be sent to the wrong recipient. A slip-up with an incorrect keystroke can result in a serious incident if the email’s body copy or attachment contains sensitive data.

Data breaches

Whether as a result of an error or by malicious intent, both scenarios described above are classified as data breaches by UK regulator, The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Data leaks are exceptionally expensive for enterprises. Investigations and remediation methods are both costly, and if your firm is found to have been lax in its responsibilities to protect data, the ICO has the right to fine it.

To avoid these issues along with any loss to your company reputation, email encryption is advised. The ICO states that if emails sent in error or maliciously accessed are encrypted, reporting the incident is unnecessary.

Encryption renders any document or email completely indecipherable to all but those in possession of the public or private encryption key. As a result, companies can ensure sensitive information is never put at risk, whether the information involved is business-related or connected to staff, vendors or customers.

Experts in encryption

At Galaxkey, our secure system delivers cutting-edge email encryption made simple for your staff to use. Three layers of powerful encryption ensure your communications are tough to crack while single-click activation makes certain emails are easily secured. Unlike many other email encryption options, our solution encrypts not just the message copy but also any attached documents you might be sharing with your contacts.

Additionally, our email security option includes a suite of useful tools that allow you to verify senders, recall emails, and auto time-out the messages you send to keep your company compliant with data regulators.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive email security option equipped with encryption, get in touch with our expert team today and arrange an online demonstration or free two-week trial.