Since March 2020, firms across the world have accelerated their future plans for digital transformation, using the latest cutting-edge technology to remain resilient. State-of-the-art communication and file sharing solutions have enabled many businesses to keep operating even when their workforce is carrying out key processes and providing client services from a home-based office.

This flexible way of working has been so effective that many leading companies are making remote working a permanent option for their staff. However, reports since the start of the pandemic have shown an increase in the number of ransomware attacks that use a company’s unfamiliarity with operating off-premises against them.

Major remote working weaknesses

Among the key risks to companies acting remotely are security vulnerabilities present in remote desktop protocols. Enterprises must have an excellent overview of how data is moving across their network, how it is being accessed and by whom. Measures must be in place that restricts who can view information, and passwords employed must be strong and backed up by dual or multi-factor authentication. To avoid weak passcodes being used, all credentials should be issued to staff and changed regularly.

When security solutions are incompatible with personal devices employed by staff remotely working, this can also present a threat. Where possible, companies should issue equipment to staff or use security systems that work with every device.

These weaknesses allow ransomware operators to move freely through a firm’s systems, easily encrypting and exfiltrating private files before requesting a payment. A lack of cybersecurity training is also a cause of remote staff being at risk. Businesses have a responsibility to ensure all their employees working from home understand the potential threat of ransomware gangs and how to avoid their social engineering tactics, which often lead to malicious payloads being inadvertently downloaded.

Countering the threat of ransomware

Companies looking for a more secure way of operating remotely can enjoy strong support from Galaxkey’s secure workspace solution. Offering enterprises an opportunity to create a safer environment for their staff to work, our system features zero-back doors and stores no passwords, so ransomware operators can’t gain a foothold in your network.

Ransomware gangs will typically lock firms out of their own data when it is easily accessible. That’s why our solution provides end-to-end encryption, keeping them out of your private information. With three-layer encryption, our government-standard system will ensure your business has the best protection levels in place for data security.

Phishing emails are a common attack vector where ransomware is deployed, but our system presents users with easy-to-follow tools that enable them to verify senders and weed out potential threats before they become a problem. As data moves around your system, it can be tracked using digital signatures, with any changes made raising alerts.

For maximum use, our workspace works efficiently with all major operating systems, devices and data storage solutions. Get in touch with our expert team for a free online demonstration and ramp up your ransomware defence protocols now.