Today, enterprises of all sizes, from multinational corporations to small businesses, can be struck by a wide variety of cyberattacks. While once upon a time the feared computer virus that crashed networks and devices was the greatest threat businesses were aware of, modern attacks are far more insidious. From ransomware attacks that lock firms out of their essential data and systems to phishing emails using social engineering, many modern methods of cyberattack are more subtle.

Over the years, security experts have developed technological ways to mitigate attacks from penetrating an enterprise’s dedicated network, such as spam filters, anti-malware, phishing tests and data encryption, but how employees react faced with an assault is vital.

In the next sections, we’ll look at why remaining calm is absolutely essential for a firm to repel and survive a cyberattack.

Creating a sense of urgency

Many attacks, like phishing emails, are designed to incite recipients to act. This might be to disclose confidential company secrets, funds or financial credentials, but it may also involve triggering malware via a seemingly harmless download or stealing passwords through a malicious link.

These infamous emails are designed to create panic, often threatening unfortunate consequences, such as penalties and fines, or simply missing out on a great deal. This is because, when people panic, they think less clearly and are less likely to spot a trap or trick. Always stay calm when receiving a suspicious email and verify the sender with an independent source before acting.

Why give in to a ransom demand?

Ransomware operators also use fear to force their victims to pay for a decryption key to unlock encrypted files. Don’t simply panic and pay – instead, think rationally, and ask yourself if your company data can be retrieved from your backups. Remember, even if you pay for your data, it has still been exposed, so you will have to report a data breach, and there is no guarantee that if files were exfiltrated during the attack, the ransomware operator will keep their word and delete them.

If your company suffers an attack, help is at hand. Report the incident to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and take expert guidance from them.

A protective solution your company can count on

At Galaxkey, we understand that regardless of how well-trained your staff are and how vigilantly you monitor a company network, there is always a risk. Faced with the scare tactics used by threat actors, employees may panic and act rashly, while giving a cybercriminal access to your systems.

To answer this issue, we have created a system that not only stores no passwords, but has zero backdoors for malicious actors to exploit. It’s also equipped with the latest data security tools like electronic signatures, encryption software and a suite of secure email features.

If you’re ready to protect the private information you store, share and send, regardless of file size, contact our expert team today. Galaxkey will happily give you a tour of our system with a free online demonstration or a 14-day trial.