Since March last year, many enterprises across the world have rushed to adopt new technologies to remain resilient in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pushing forward plans for digital transformation, businesses have found new capabilities and more streamlined ways of working, but unfortunately, when adapting to any situation, lessons will need to be learned along the way.

Many firms have found that they have overlooked security when operating digitally, and the consequences have seen companies facing devastating data breaches costing them millions.

It is critical that firms use a secure system for the storage and processing of the information they handle, whether it belongs to them or others. A hack or data leak can rapidly result in severe issues like loss of confidential data, reputation and funds and put businesses at risk of being prosecuted.

Most enterprises will share their company documents in numerous ways in multiple locations from emails and collaboration platforms to portable drives and cloud, among others. All of these options are vulnerable to attacks, and this is why it is essential to invest in an extra protective layer for documents. A secure file system can be ideal for sharing documents, but also storing them and signing them while ensuring they always remain protected.

This can also make certain that a company’s information security meets the requirements of data regulators, avoiding massive fines that can force companies out of business.

How can document security solutions benefit firms?

There are multiple advantages to firms that implement document security measures at their workplace. Along with increasing confidence levels in your security protocols, solutions can also enhance productivity and streamline business processes onsite. The following are just some of the key benefits:

Simple set up and use

Document security options are available that are simple to deploy at your place of business, and designed to require minimal training for effective use. Automatic encryption can be actioned using a drag and drop function meaning your staff members can relocate a desktop file to a personal vault where it can only be accessed by those with appropriate permissions. For premium security, the data file will remain encrypted wherever it is moved to, ensuring no unauthorised access, even when a record is moved to an unsecured part of your network or shared with others mistakenly.

Become paperless

Document security solutions also allow companies to store and sign important contracts digitally rather than using conventional paper and printers. Not only can this increase efficiency, but it can also save your firm the expense of printing materials and equipment and show it is in line with the government’s environmental policies.

Specialists in document security

At Galaxkey, we offer our clients a comprehensive document security service. From powerful three-layer encryption based on the government recommended onion model, to robust tools including digital sign, tracking, validation, and versioning, our solution gives your staff the options they need to safeguard data.

If you’re ready to step up your information security, contact us today and explore our solution with a free two-week trial.