While some cybersecurity measures can be costly, others, like performing backups and updates, are not expensive to adopt. However, companies that neglect to carry out these simple but important processes can end up paying heavily for their lack of actions.

In the next sections we’ll take a closer look at these two tasks and reaffirm why they are vital for every firm wanting to remain resilient and protected against a cyberattack.

Why are updates important?

When software, apps and operating system updates become available, they often include fixes for security vulnerabilities. Known weaknesses in apps and operating systems are disclosed online and hackers are quick to take advantage of them. On the understanding that not all companies will act quickly, they will attempt to use these vulnerabilities to gain access to an enterprise’s data and network. If an update has not been installed and bugs and exploits left unfixed and unpatched, threat operators can penetrate a company’s defences.

Once inside your network, they can commit a wide range of insidious activities, including spying, stealing data and even locking firms out of their own systems. This type of activity is classed a data breach, and is a costly event that can damage both a business’s reputation and finances. As a result, the best policy for any company is to install available updates as soon as they are offered.

How often should you back up?

The best practice is for your systems and data to be constantly backing up. As a result, if your network is hit by an attack, you will suffer the minimum amount of data loss. If this is not possible on your current system, end-of-day backups are the next best option. Automating your data backups can remove the potential for human error and this important process being missed.

The beauty of backups is that if your system goes down or is encrypted by a ransomware attack, you can simply restore your data and operating systems from clean copies you backed up. Along with avoiding paying ransoms to free your firm’s system, it also ensures business continuity, allowing you to get back up and running rapidly with minimal loss in productivity and profits.

Enhance your enterprise’s cybersecurity today

At Galaxkey, we firmly endorse the practices of continuous backups and instant updates. We also offer enterprises additional tools that are approved by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to improve their defences and data security.

Our system offer cutting-edge encryption that allows users to ensure all company data, from informational records to emails and attachments, can remain free from prying eyes. Featuring three-layer end-to-end encryption based on the onion model, our solution allows users to make their documents and data indecipherable with a single mouse click.

No passwords are saved on our system where they can be easily stolen, and no back doors exist for hackers to exploit. If you’re looking for a next-generation and user-friendly cybersecurity solution, contact our team today and enjoy a free 14-day trial.