Teams is a powerful collaborative platform developed by Microsoft, combining the features of Skype and Microsoft SharePoint. It has gained popularity as a versatile tool for businesses, especially during, and since, the pandemic. However, while Teams excels at enabling seamless collaboration, it falls short in providing robust data security. This is where Galaxkey comes in as a crucial addition to your Microsoft Teams environment.

Although Microsoft products prioritise business functionality, data security is often not their primary focus. Teams is designed to make collaboration easy, but there are several aspects of data security that need to be addressed. Let’s explore some of these challenges:

Security Challenges when using Microsoft Teams

Unrestricted File Sharing

By default, all users in Teams have the ability to create teams and share files. This poses a significant security threat, as users may share restricted or sensitive information without proper controls in place.

Lack of Retention Policies

Files shared via Teams are stored permanently in Microsoft SharePoint, without adequate retention policies. This poses a security risk, as unauthorised users can potentially access these files even if they don’t have permission.

Risk of Malicious File Uploads

Allowing the creation of teams in Teams can expose your organisation to external users uploading malicious files, potentially leading to the distribution of harmful software among your users.

Silent Theft of Files

When users download files in Teams, there are no notifications. This lack of awareness increases the risk of silent theft, where files are taken without anyone noticing, potentially compromising sensitive information.

Lack of Chat Privacy

All chats within Teams are accessible to corporate administrators, raising concerns about privacy. When communicating with third parties, the loss of privacy becomes an even higher risk.

While Teams is a suitable choice for internal communication within your organisation, it may not be the best option when it comes to communicating with external third parties. This is where Galaxkey proves to be a valuable complementary technology, providing enhanced security for your communications.

Galaxkey offers a range of products, including:

  1. Secure Emails
  2. Secure Workspace
  3. Secure Files
  4. Secure Signatures
  5. Secure Instant Messaging

Each product within the range has been specifically designed to protect your sensitive data, in a totally user-friendly way.

How Galaxkey can address the security challenges posed by Teams

Let’s take a closer look at how Galaxkey can address the security challenges posed by Teams:

Secure Emails

Galaxkey ensures end-to-end encryption for your email communications, safeguarding the content of your messages from unauthorised access. This feature is particularly crucial when exchanging sensitive information with external parties.

Secure Workspace

Galaxkey provides a secure virtual workspace where your internal team, suppliers, partners and clients can collaborate on projects, share files, and communicate privately. By encrypting all data within the workspace, Galaxkey protects your intellectual property and confidential information from potential threats.

Secure Files

With Galaxkey, you can encrypt individual files or entire folders, adding an extra layer of security to your critical documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files. This prevents unauthorised access, even if files are accidentally shared or accessed.

Secure Signatures

Galaxkey enables secure electronic signatures, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of your important documents. This feature is particularly valuable for legal documents and contracts that require a high level of security.

Secure Instant Messaging

Galaxkey’s secure instant messaging feature adds an additional layer of encryption to your chats, protecting your conversations from interception or unauthorised access. This is especially important when discussing confidential matters or sharing sensitive information.

By using Galaxkey alongside Microsoft Teams, you can mitigate the security risks associated with external communications. Galaxkey’s comprehensive encryption capabilities provide the necessary protection to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and privacy of your data.

In conclusion, while Microsoft Teams is a valuable tool for internal collaboration, Galaxkey enhances the security of your communication with third parties. By leveraging Galaxkey’s secure emails, workspace, files, signatures, and instant messaging features, you can address the data security challenges inherent in Teams.

Galaxkey’s triple-layer encryption ensures that your sensitive information remains protected, even when shared externally. With Galaxkey, you can establish a secure communication channel that safeguards your intellectual property, client data, and confidential business information.

Don’t compromise on the security of your organisation’s data. By integrating Galaxkey into your business environment, you can have peace of mind knowing that your sensitive information is thoroughly encrypted and protected. Take the proactive step towards enhanced data security and explore the benefits of Galaxkey today. Remember, in today’s digital landscape, data protection is of utmost importance. Safeguard your organisation’s valuable assets and maintain the trust of your clients by adopting Galaxkey alongside Microsoft Teams. Your business and stakeholders will thank you for the extra layer of security provided by Galaxkey’s comprehensive data protection platform.