Digital Rights Management

Control file access with encryption

DLP isn't always efficient

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions are designed to detect and prevent unauthorised data transfers and leaks, but they are not 100%. The only way to protect loss of data is using an encryption technology that provides file-level access control.

File-Level Access Control

Work practices are changing and many organisations send and share documents to work quickly and more productively. Files are shared in many ways: email, FTP, cloud and USB drives, none of which are secure methods. Documents must be protected for compliance and commercial reasons and need to be secured at all stages, in transit or at rest. Especially since organisations are strictly regulated. Many turn to organisational policies to try to manage their documents as existing solutions are inefficient and partial. Even when files are being shared using various enterprise solutions,  the moment a file is shared, removed or downloaded, its security could be compromised. This creates data protection and privacy challenges. Effective solutions are needed to secure files whilst maintaining control and visibility. Galaxkey combines strong encryption with Digital Rights Management (DRM) and real-time policy control to provide effective, user-friendly enterprise document security with high-level access controls to secure and control sensitive files in a compliant way. Using Galaxkey, even if an attacker were to gain access to your secured documents or files, your data is protected and unusable to them.

Key features

Granular Access Rights

Comprehensive access right options including Read-only, Edit, Print, Copy, Share, IP-restricted, Country-restricted, Time-restricted.

Access rights with underlying encryption

Encrypts files individually, ensuring granular protection and security along with access rights.

User-discretionary access rights

Allows user to define access rights based on their discretion, for single or multiple files, and entire folders. Additional option to select classifications or specify individual users for access.

Classification-mandated access rights

Secures files based on business units and predefined classifications. Automatic application of access controls based on organisational policies.

Monitored-initiated encryption

Central definition of monitored folders for automatic encryption of new files. Ensures automatic encryption based on pre-configured classifications. Eliminates the need for manual user intervention, reducing human error.

File Formats

Wide support for file types and formats

Policy Enforcement

Automatic enforcement of encryption policies based on classifications or users. Ensures compliance with organisational security requirements.

Audit and Monitoring

Tracks and logs all activities. Provides detailed audit trails for compliance and security monitoring. Can be integrated with industry-standard SIEM.

Seamless Integration

Integrates with existing file management systems (e.g., local system, network drive).

User-Friendly Interface

Simple and intuitive user interface for easy adoption. Minimal training required for end-users.


Suitable for organisations of all sizes. Can handle large volumes of files and users.

Centralised Management

Central administration console for managing settings and policies. Allows IT administrators to oversee encryption across the organisation.

Multi-Platform Support

Compatible with various operating systems and devices. Ensures consistent encryption capabilities across different environments.

Galaxkey Platform Advantage

Can be used with other solutions under Galaxkey platform to maximise benefits. For example, Workspace can be used for secure file sharing after DRM protection, or Secure Email can leverage DRM classification to mandate encryption on emails.


Secure files before copying them to the cloud

Have assurance that your data is protected no matter the cloud you choose to use.

Secure any file, any size on any device

Galaxkey secures the entire file in any format with no restrictions on file size and on any device.

Classify documents

Proactively mark your documents and data to assist with compliance.

Integrated cloud synchronisation

Galaxkey provides complete cloud synchronisation to store and share files securely.

Policy management

Set rules and policies to protect your data and meet specific compliance requirements.

Security policies follow your files wherever they’re stored

Our data-centric approach enables this. Protect your files anywhere: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft and on-premise.

Controlled data distribution

Digital rights management to restrict the flow of data.

Granular visibility and control

Maintain control of your data and its security-always!

Meet legislative and industry compliance requirements

Maintain data privacy of personal and sensitive information, whilst keeping control of your data, providing users with peace of mind at every step on compliance.


Digital Rights Management Datasheet

0.27MB PDF Download

Galaxkey Advantage

Seamless Integration

Our platform includes a built-in GXK reader, making it simple to open, edit, and restore files. You can also secure multiple files at once, and protect them for one or more Galaxkey registered users.

Quick Deployment & Easy Operation

Galaxkey Secure files can be deployed within a corporate environment within minutes, simply by installing the application.

Meet Legislative and Industry Compliance Requirements

Maintain data privacy of personal and sensitive information, whilst keeping control of your data.

Single Sign On

A Single identity is used for all devices to support access control.

"Galaxkey is robust and easy to use. I like the way it’s embedded into our existing systems as opposed to having to access a separate platform. When you want to send an email from your normal inbox, a message pops up: “Do you want to send it securely via Galaxkey?” And you just click yes – and straight away, it’s gone.”.

Yvonne Hall, Managing Director, Palm Cove Society, UK

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