Electronic Document Signing

Send and sign documents securely

Electronic Document Signing

Focus on security, protect your identity and prevent fraud

Your most precious data should be safe wherever it goes, and since Galaxkey’s Electronic Document Sign focuses on security, you know your critical documents are protected.

It’s powered by our uniquely secure end-to-end encryption technology that keeps your sensitive information safe all of the time.

Fast. Convenient. Economical. Secure.

Why use Galaxkey Electronic Document Signing?

Highly Secure

Protect the electronic signature and document from unauthorised access and tampering. Galaxkey’s unique identity-based security makes certain that the only person who can open and sign your document is the one you sent it to. And your recipient can be equally confident it came from you. Digital signatures shut the door on spoof and phishing emails while our three layers of encryption keep your files and folders protected wherever they go.


No more printing, scanning or waiting for the post. You can bring contractors on board with instant purchase order approval, seal the deal with a new client and put confidential information in front of the right people without delay. All safely protected from unauthorised eyes.


Galaxkey Electronic Document Sign makes it easy for your team to electronically send contracts, invoices, purchase orders and more with its user-friendly design. Empowering them to work smarter and easier internally, and with any third party.


Speed up your workflow and improve team productivity whilst you reduce spend on printing, postage and file storage. Your team could work up to 80% quicker by using Galaxkey. And that means more budget and resources for other important things.

Secure electronic document signing on the systems you use

Galaxkey’s uniquely secure electronic document signing tool allows you to work in harmony with the systems you use. It’s compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, PDF and more.

How easy is it to use Electronic Document Signing?

This explainer video shows you exactly how simple it is to use Galaxkey.

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Galaxkey is uniquely secure. Everything you send is carefully wrapped in three layers of protection to keep even the most persistent snoopers out. Breaking through our security is like an attacker picking a combination lock with 2 to the power of 256 combinations three times over. Practically impossible.

And it’s easy to get started. Simply add the email address of the person you’re contacting to your Galaxkey dashboard. The new user chooses one of three easy ways to verify their identity. And that’s it. They are ready to sign documents that meet the key requirements of legal admissibility. No need to download software or jump through time-wasting hoops.


Collaborate Freely

Collaborate on document signing with anyone – inside and outside the organisation.

Sign from any device

Sign from any writeable device (e.g. iPad, mobile phone) or web browser.


Customise your signature. Sign sequentially or in parallel. Include your own company stamp. Create templates.


GDPR, eIDAS, ESIGN Act and UETA compliant.


Set automated notifications and reminders, so you never miss a thing.


Record all activities carried out during the signing process – Vital to reveal any unauthorised activity.

Legally admissible

Galaxkey satisfies all key requirements for legal admissibility.

Simple pricing structure

One simple price. Unlimited documents.

Download Data Sheet

Datasheet: Electronic Document Signing

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Use Galaxkey Electronic Sign for:

  • Supplier contracts and agreements
  • Purchase orders
  • Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Letters of intent

In fact, any document that needs a signature!