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Electronic Document Signing

Digitise your document signing process with our secure and compliant Electronic Signature solution

Features of Electronic Document Signing

Works with Word, Excel, PDF and more
No limit on documents
eIDAS, ESIGN Act and UETA compliant
Sequential and Parallel Signatures
Support for templates
Support for corporate stamp
Complete access controls
Unblock your team’s workflow with quick and secure electronic document signing software

Electronic Document Signing works with all popular software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF) on any writeable device or web browser.

Unblock your team’s workflow with quick, confidential electronic document delivery. Signing documents electronically saves time and costs on postage and couriers, improves productivity and guarantees confidentiality. Galaxkey Electronic Document Signing is ideal for remote teams, international businesses, and GDPR compliance in a range of industries.

Safe and Secure Electronic Sharing
How Electronic Document Signing Works
A Clear GDPR-Compliant Paper Trail
How Secure is Electronic Document Signing
Safe and Secure Electronic Sharing

Waiting two days or more to receive a signed document holds up productivity. Then you have the compliance issues thrown up by printing, scanning and posting confidential documents. You cannot control who sees a paper copy or be sure the right person has signed.

Galaxkey’s unique identity-based electronic signing cuts through the uncertainty. Electronic Document Signing makes sure documents can only be viewed and signed by the person you sent them to both inside and outside your organisation. Only authorised users can access emails and files sent with Galaxkey, so Electronic Document Signing satisfies key legal admissibility requirements in banking, insurance, legal and financial services, as well as education and healthcare.

Galaxkey’s user-friendly design makes it easy for your team to add all the security features you need to send a contract, invoice, or purchase order electronically. No more printing, scanning or waiting for the post. You can bring contractors on board with instant purchase order approval, seal the deal with a new client and put confidential information in front of the right people without delay. All safely protected from unauthorised eyes.

How Electronic Document Signing Works

To get started, simply add your recipient’s email address to create an authorised user in your Galaxkey dashboard. The new user chooses one of three easy ways to verify their identity. And that’s it. They are ready to sign documents that meet the key requirements of legal admissibility. No need to download software or jump through time-wasting hoops.

Authorised users can opt for one-time text codes or verify themselves using a driving licence or passport (ideal for legal documents and recommended by Galaxkey).

A Clear GDPR-Compliant Paper Trail

Document security is essential for GDPR and other compliance policies. You can see the who, what, when, where and how of any document trail with the click of a button. Galaxkey uses digital document signing as part of data tracing to create detailed audit reports. We automate many aspects of your GDPR compliance (see datasheet for full details).

US government standard AES FIPS 140-2 compliant

How Secure is Electronic Document Signing

Galaxkey’s unique identity-based security makes certain that the only person who can open and sign your document is the one you sent it to. And your recipient can be equally confident it came from you. Digital signatures shut the door on spoof and phishing emails while our three layers of encryption keep your files and folders protected wherever they go.

The Benefits of Electronic Document Signing and Signing by Post


Electronic Document Signing

Sales Contract Approval

24 HRS


Purchase Order Approval

24 HRS


Letter of Intent

24 HRS


Invoice Approval

24 HRS


Compliance Acceptance

24 HRS


Sign by tablet, phone or browser

Same Day Signature

Confidentiality Guarantee

Printing Costs

Postage Cost

Automated Notifications



3 layers of encryption

End-to-end Audit Trail

CPA compliant

man typing on a laptop

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