Email Security

complete end-to-end security
Email security is essential for any enterprise

Email communications are essential to any organisations business and productivity. Using them to share personal and commercially sensitive data both internally and with external third-party users is common practice. This raises issues around security and data privacy as emails are highly susceptible to many forms of attack. If this data is leaked, not only will it result in a data breach and financial penalties but also severely impact your company brand and reputation.

data-centric, platform agnostic solution
Easy to use, control and manage

Galaxkey makes securing emails (your message, attachments and files) easy and efficient, without compromising on control. It integrates seamlessly with existing email clients, providing one-click security for end-users to share information securely straight from Outlook, iOS, Android and Windows. Mobile applications enable access to secured information, providing streamlined secure working anytime and anywhere.

Proactively mark your data to meet your compliance requirements. Customise the classifications as per requirements of the corporate.
Mail time-out
Implement time limits for accessibility when sending secured emails. Once the time lapses, the email becomes inaccessible. Helping to enforce retention policies that are important for data protection compliance (like the GDPR).
Mail revocation
Revoke access to secured emails that have been sent. If an email is sent in error or to the incorrect recipient (for example) the user is able to revoke access to that email making it inaccessible to the recipient.
A digital notification can be sent to the user (sender) when the secured email is opened and viewed by the recipient. This provides proof of delivery to the intended recipient. It is the equivalent to sending physical mail via recorded delivery.
Digital email signing
This anti-spoof feature ensures data integrity and non-repudiation. A digitally signed email provides the assurance that the data has not been tampered with. Furthermore, the recipient knows exactly where the email has come from.
Policy management
Set rules and policies to protect your data and meet specific compliance requirements.
Meet legislative and industry compliance requirements, including the EU GDPR
Encrypt personally and commercially sensitive emails and attachments, whilst staying in control of your data.
Administrative high-level control
Galaxkey provides a perfect solution for administrators to manage their keys and control their data.
Single sign-on
A Single identity is used for all devices to support access control.
Quick deployment & easy operation
Within minutes Galaxkey can be deployed within a
corporate environment by installing the application on the client machine. Galaxkey works transparently in the background to relieve the organisation and user of any
key management complexities.
Secures entire email content
Secure your entire email content including attachments, end-to-end. Emails are secured in mail folders as well, so previously received emails can be secured. Emails are immediately secured when sent and only readable through proper authentication and authorisation.
Platform Support
Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016, iOS, Android, Mac OSX, Web Browser


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