complete end-to-end security
Email security is essential for any enterprise

Email communications are essential to any organisations business and productivity. Using them to share personal and commercially sensitive data both internally and with external third-party users is common practice. This raises issues around security and data privacy as emails are highly susceptible to many forms of attack. If this data is leaked, not only will it result in a data breach and financial penalties but also severely impact your company brand and reputation.

data-centric, platform agnostic solution
Easy to use, control and manage

Galaxkey makes securing emails (your message, attachments and files) easy and efficient, without compromising on control. It integrates seamlessly with existing email clients, providing one-click security for end-users to share information securely straight from Outlook, iOS, Android and Windows. Mobile applications enable access to secured information, providing streamlined secure working anytime and anywhere.

Classify emails
Proactively mark your data to meet your compliance requirements.
Revoke emails
Revoke access to sent emails to make them inaccessible.
Set email time-outs
Ensure that your emails are only accessible for as long as needed.
Digitally sign emails
Digitally sign your emails and ensure data integrity and non-repudiation.