Comprehensive email encryption with unique data protection features

Our email platform provides a seamless, secure communication solution in a simple-to-use format, fully compatible with Outlook, iOS, Android, and Windows.

With efficient operation delivered via one-click encryption, you can be sure your emails and files are always secure, whether they are at rest or in transit. This provides you with a working environment that’s safe and compliant, anywhere and anytime.

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Our security solution is not limited to encrypting emails. While our three-layer encryption safeguards the content of emails, additional security features are included to ensure your data is fully protected.

Email Revocation

We’ve all sent an email by mistake before. With Galaxkey’s one-click revoke button, you can stop access to your email and its attachments at any time, instantly offering you complete control and peace of mind.

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Email Timeout

This innovative feature is ideal for keeping compliant with the GDPR and allows you to configure a window of time during which emails you send can be accessed. Be it five minutes or five months, your data will only be accessible for the duration decided by you.

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Email Classification

Our classification feature allows users to label emails and files with their own custom classification status. This useful option can provide an efficient way to improve your workflow and data management, allowing you to mark mail in order of importance or confidentiality. Classifications can be easily customised based on a company’s unique requirements.

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Email Notification

A lack of response can leave you wondering if your email has been delivered. With our digital notification feature, email recipients can only view email content and attachments after they have confirmed receipt, so you will always have proof of delivery.

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Digital Sign

Our digital sign email feature can assure recipients that the data contained in emails they receive has not been tampered with and originates from the intended sender. This anti-spoof feature has been developed to ensure data integrity and non-repudiation.

Authorised Data Distribution

The Authorised Data Distribution (ADD) feature from Galaxkey offers users total control of data flow and how they distribute emails. A range of security options are provided, including blocking emails and their attachments from being forwarded, along with a notification system that informs users when permissions are provided to keep track of confidential data.

Encryption Policies

Galaxkey can be completely customised to fit your company’s specific compliance requirements, ensuring you always meet them. It can also check every email for GDPR compliance with the Policy Management feature.

Geo Fence Emails

With the self-hosted enterprise edition of Galaxkey, you can restrict email access to a specific geographic location or virtual perimeter, allowing you to keep data cloud-based, within a network or a local area. This feature ensures your data is always available and access to it is managed effectively.

Detailed Audit

This feature enables you to get detailed audits for all emails sent securely, with all the details you need for compliance and verification purposes.