End-to-end email encryption with unique data protection features.

Our Email platform provides a seamless, secure communication in a simple, convenient way that is compatible with Outlook, iOS, Android and Windows.
With one-click encryption providing efficient and smooth operation, be assured your emails and files are sent securely at rest and in transit providing a compliant and safe working environment anywhere and anytime.

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Email security is not constrained to just encrypting emails. Encryption protects the content, but there are a lot of other security features which are required to ensure your data is fully protected. With unique features, Galaxkey Email Security provides a complete package for optimal email security.

Email Revocation

Ever sent an email by mistake? With Galaxkey’s one-click revoke button, you can always stop access to your email and attachments immediately providing complete control and peace of mind.


Email Timeout

Every email you send can be configured to have a window of time for accessibility. From 5 minutes to 5 months, your data is only accessible for the time you have permitted. It is helping to enforce retention policies that are important for compliance, such as GDPR.


Email Classification

Our classification feature allows the user to mark emails and files with a custom classification status providing an excellent way to prioritise the importance of an email helping improve your data management. Classifications can be customised based on corporate requirements.


Email Notification

Has your email been delivered? With our digital notification feature, your recipient can only view your email once they have confirmed acceptance. You are providing 'Proof of Delivery' to the intended recipient, your very own recorded delivery service.


Digital Sign

A digitally signed email assures the recipient that the data has not been tampered with and originates from the intended sender. This anti-spoof feature ensures data integrity and non-repudiation.

Authorised Data Distribution

Galaxkey provides total control of how you distribute emails. With ADD, you can now control your flow of data and by whom. You can block an email and attachment from being submitted onwards giving you complete control. Receive notifications at all stages for your permission providing effective data management at all times.

Encryption Policies

Galaxkey provides complete customisation depending on your specific compliance requirements. Galaxkey can set rules and policies to protect your data and meet specific compliance requirements. With Policy Management Galaxkey can check every email to ensure GDPR compliance.

Geo Fence Emails

With the self hosted Enterprise version of Galaxkey, you can restrict email access to a specific geographic location or virtual perimeter. Keep data within a network, a local area, or cloud based. Your data is always available and access properly managed.

Detailed Audit

Get detailed audits for all emails sent secured, accessed with all details for verification and compliance purpose.