GDPR Applicable?

If you are located outside of the EU but are doing business in the EU or operating in the EU (you are a controller or processor of personal information of EU citizens), you fall under the requirements of the EU GDPR. This may surprise many organisations who do not have offices or employees located in the EU zone. This means that you are responsible for the data and its security! The regulation specifies that you must protect the data and also demonstrate that you have.

Galaxkey helps in GDPR
Galaxkey encrypts data so that only authorised users can access the data. By using access control and strong encryption your data is kept confidential.
Galaxkey can sign the data so that the user is alerted when the data is accessed and transferred. Not only do you know who has accessed the data but you also know where the data is and you have the assurance that the data has not been modified by an unauthorised user.
The Galaxkey private, hybrid and public cloud systems ensure that your data is available to authorised users and that you have full control of your data. You can also revoke access to data or time-expire any data when you feel that access is no longer required.
The customer may exercise the right to be forgotten. If the data is protected with Galaxkey, you can delete the customer’s identity or revoke access to data. This means that you invalidate and practically destroy any data and access to the data belonging to the customer protected with Galaxkey.