Be proactive when securing the data entrusted to you
Galaxkey solves your sector-specific problems
Email Security

Galaxkey provides user-friendly email security with high-level access control to protect and control entire emails: message, attachments and files. Learn more!

Document Security

Galaxkey protects files when sharing, at rest and in storage, irrespective of type and size. Letting you protect your confidential data in a compliant way. Learn more!

Corporate Vault

Corporate Vault lets you define centralised folders for automatic encryption of files for groups in your organisation to ensure secure and compliant sharing of data.

GDPR Functionality

Galaxkey’s GDPR module helps manage the GDPR process and protect personal information to meet your data protection responsibilities. Learn more!


Galaxkey’s Classification lets you classify emails to improve data management. Ensuring data is appropriately protected and shared and compliance with company policies and regulations upheld.


Authorised Data Distribution (ADD)  lets the original sender of an email decide the recipients’ actions on it. The sender can block the  ‘forward’ or ‘reply’ options for the email to retain control of the email and its contents.


Galaxkey’s MFD-Secure (a hardware security device) provides data protection for scans, emails and documents when using Galaxkey protected multi-functional devices (MFDs). Learn more!

Secure Sign

Secure Sign delivers a simple and efficient means to create electronic signatures, electronically sign documents as well as manage and track the entire e-signature process, in a secure and legally-binding way.

Latest Statistics
Breach Incidents Affecting the Sector
  • Data left in an insecure location
  • Data posted or faxed to the incorrect recipient
  • Data sent by email to the wrong recipient
  • Failure to use the BCC function when sending email
  • Loss or theft of paperwork
  • Loss or theft of an unencrypted device
Cyber Threats Targeting the Sector
  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Unauthorised access

Data protection incidents in the education sector are on the rise as the ICO states that reported incidents rose by 32% from Q3.

Galaxkey know the data protection challenges schools face daily
Data protection challenges the sector is facing
when sharing personal information both internally and with third parties
  • Email communications between staff and with third parties
  • Digital File sharing between staff and with third parties
  • The struggle to support and secure numerous devices and platforms
  • Staff increasingly working outside of school hours and off school premises
  • Processing and storing of personal information on school systems, networks and devices
  • Securing personal information processed by multifunction devices
  • Digital file storage across multiple locations
  • Sending emails and personal information to the wrong recipient in error
  • The inability to recall information if sent to the wrong recipient in error
  • IT and security audits for compliance purposes
  • The signature process of digital documents, especially when multiple signatures are required
  • Managing compliance responsibilities with the GDPR and PCI-DSS
While creating a data security culture within your school
Galaxkey provides the sector with savings on multiple levels
while addressing your data protection and compliance objectives
Encourage data protection awareness, empower staff and reduce their anxiety around protecting personal information.
Extremely quick to implement and easy to use with minimal disruption to the school and staff as very little training is required.
Seamless integration and streamlined data protection that's easily managed from one intuitive central console.
No additional infrastructure costs and one platform for all your data protection requirements for any data, on any device and anywhere.
Case Study
The Leys School in Cambridge
Data's role in Education
Education's role in data protection

Data plays a significant role in the modern education system by providing an abundance of opportunities for students, staff and operations. Schools increasingly process personal information to realise these benefits.

Daily schools digitally process, share and store students’ personal information to fulfil purposes from admissions, attendance and catering through to school trips, safeguarding and student progress and support management…the list is endless and all very necessary.

Reliability on data processing continues to grow in the education sector.

Data protection laws have strengthened to ensure the effective custodianship of children’s data and schools have the additional responsibility to ensure the protection of the personal information that they process.

As a data controller under the GDPR, schools must have the appropriate measures in place to protect students’ personal information. Also to allay any staff fears around sharing personal information which may otherwise stand in the way of protecting children who require this for safeguarding and support.

Data protection obligations can’t stand in the way of promoting children’s welfare.


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