Secure Multi-Agency Working

Government organisations handle official and personal information. Many of these organisations are linked and have multiple agencies with data travelling between them. Furthermore, jobs are often outsourced requiring third party access to certain data and communications. Efficiency is fundamental to this sector and due to their sizable number of employees and affiliates, it is important that any change has minimal impact on everyday functioning. This is especially important to encourage necessary change and uptake of crucial practices.

Protect sensitive information

Galaxkey secures all communications end-to-end with a data-centric approach. This is particularly beneficial for government organisations as it enables data protection irrespective of the systems and infrastructure. Galaxkey’s easy to use data protection platform enables all the necessary functionality for protection and control of data (all from a single platform) so that existing processes are not impacted, yet data can be managed, communicated and shared securely in a compliant manner. Employees and third parties can communicate and collaborate as before but now securely.


  • Classify data and documents
  • Communicate, collaborate and store data securely
  • Manage and control access to data
  • One platform for all data protection requirements
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Flexible solutions
  • Free for your recipients to use