Protect sensitive patient data

Healthcare is broad and fast-evolving which adds to the data protection challenge. It is a sector where data protection must be highly prioritised due to the large volumes of highly sensitive personal patient and employee data processed. Moreover, healthcare-specific regulations are many and rigorous.

Personal and sensitive data are communicated both internally and with third parties on a regular basis. All systems, devices, applications and environments must be protected. The impact on the sector, employees and patients is immense if a data breach occurs, so it’s fundamental to proactively manage this risk.

Secure all communications with one comprehensive platform

Galaxkey helps the health sector to reduce their risk by securing the data itself irrespective of data type, platform and place. All communications and documents are protected on any device or system. Healthcare specific regulations are easily achieved and maintained. Whilst using Galaxkey’s single data protection platform, all data is protected and is always confidential and available.


  • Data-centric protection
  • Integration is seamless, uptake is simple and the solution is scalable
  • Compliance with healthcare-specific regulations
  • One simple to use platform for all your data protection requirements
  • Easy to manage, set rules and policies to meet data protection compliance
  • Complete visibility and auditable data control