Ensure the Integrity of your communication

The legal sector is in the upper tiers of companies for financial and reputational impact from cybercrime due to the sensitive and valuable data that they process. Law firms are entrusted with confidential data and are given trusted advisor status. From mergers and acquisition data to the personal data of high net worth clients, both individual and commercial, this data is targeted and the extortion of it is a lucrative and a growing trend. Law firms frequently communicate confidential information and privileged documents via email. Furthermore, work is done remotely and confidential data regularly leaves the firms physical networks and crosses geographical boundaries too.

Keep data confidential and private

Whilst using Galaxkey legal firms can protect their most sensitive client data as well as meet legislative compliance. Their secured data keeps its integrity, remains confidential and available always-no matter how it is communicated or where it travels.


  • Quick and seamless integration with existing processes
  • Complete end-to-end protection for emails and documents (of any size)
  • Secure collaboration both internally and with third parties
  • Anti-spoof functionality
  • Complete, auditable data control
  • Keep your data in the jurisdiction you choose
  • Neutralise the impact of a data breach