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Galaxkey is a limited liability company (registered number 07338597), whose registered office is at 2 Falcon Gate Shire Park, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1TW, United Kingdom. Galaxkey Limited is constituted under English law.

Website Legal Notice & Terms

When you visit, browse or use any of our Galaxkey websites these terms and conditions apply.

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Terms of Service & Licence Agreement

If you use our licensed products and services (as a paying or free user) these terms apply.

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Copyright Infringement & Takedown Policy

If you need to submit a copyright infringement complaint, this policy gives you the steps to follow.

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Trademarks & Intellectual Property

Guidelines on Galaxkey Trademarks and Intellectual Property, how you should and shouldn’t use them.

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Privacy Policy

Galaxkey’s role in your privacy when you visit and use our website can be found here.

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Cookie Policy

The Galaxkey website uses cookies. Everything you need to know about our cookie use on this website is here.

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Data Protection Policy

Galaxkey’s obligations and your rights under the GDPR are summarised in this policy.

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