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Secure Signing with Zero Trust Technology

By 2025, the projected cost of cybercrime is estimated to reach a staggering £10.5 trillion. In today's digital age, safeguarding your most precious data from cybercriminals and fraudsters is paramount.

With Secure Signatures by Galaxkey, you can have peace of mind knowing that your sensitive documents and electronic signatures are highly secure, efficient, and easy to use.

Leading the Way in Secure Solutions

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Unparalleled Control

Galaxkey offers a unique "federated" implementation approach that sets us apart from the competition. Our architecture is designed to give businesses complete control over their data and encryption keys, ensuring the utmost protection for your sensitive information.

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Unmatched Security

Galaxkey's Secure Signatures is powered by an exceptionally secure end-to-end encryption technology, safeguarding your critical documents at all times. Our identity-based security ensures that only the intended recipient can open and sign the document, eliminating the risks posed by spoof and phishing emails.


Efficient Collaboration

Increase efficiency and streamline your workflow by eliminating the need for printing, scanning, and waiting for postal deliveries. With instant purchase order approval and the ability to securely send confidential information to the right people, you can quickly seal deals with new clients.

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Getting Started with Galaxkey

Galaxkey offers a number of powerful and flexible deployment solutions for data encryption and security.


Enterprise Deployment – Total Cloud Control

The ultimate in secure deployment, this mode allows a complete cloud instance to be set up within the enterprise’s own infrastructure. It provides the highest level of control and security for organisations with strict boundary rules that cannot connect to any external identity. Experience a truly federated solution tailored to your infrastructure.


Hybrid Deployment – Control and External User Management

Hybrid deployment allows an enterprise to take control of their own keys and data, whilst keeping the external user management within the Galaxkey cloud setup. In this mode, a virtual appliance is set up in the corporate infrastructure and all corporate user keys and data is stored within that infrastructure. External user keys and data are stored within Galaxkey’s ISO27001 certified infrastructure.


Full-Cloud Deployment – Effortless Secure Working

Full-cloud deployment allows secure working without the need to touch your infrastructure. Set up your own tenancy within Galaxkey’s ISO 27001 certified infrastructure and enjoy the benefits of secure email communication without the complexities of managing your infrastructure. Experience seamless operation and top-level security with Galaxkey’s full-cloud deployment.

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Meet Legislative and Industry Compliance Requirements

Ensure compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, MiFID II, and other regulations while maintaining full control over your data. Secure your eSignatures using advanced encryption technology.

Secure Signatures on the Systems you use

Galaxkey's uniquely secure signatures tool integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and more. Work in harmony with your existing systems and enjoy enhanced security without disrupting your workflow.

Galaxkey's impact on sensitive industries

Galaxkey Secure Signatures is the ideal solution for secure electronic document signing across various industries, including healthcare, legal, finance, and defence. With our advanced encryption technology, you can ensure that your eSignatures remain secure from interception, tampering, or theft. Maintain complete control over your encryption keys and policy enforcement, guaranteeing the highest level of security for your sensitive information.

Galaxkey Secure Signatures allows you to send and receive electronic signatures with ease while complying with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. With federated options, you can maintain complete control over your encryption keys and policy enforcement, ensuring the highest level of security for your sensitive information.



In the healthcare industry, protecting sensitive patient information is of utmost importance. With Galaxkey’s Secure Signatures, medical professionals can easily and securely sign and share electronic health records, prescriptions, lab reports, and other confidential documents with patients and other healthcare providers. Our end-to-end encryption technology ensures that all patient data remains protected and confidential, enabling efficient collaboration and information sharing among doctors and medical professionals.



In the legal industry, signatures and document security are of critical importance. Legal documents, contracts, and agreements must be signed and shared securely to mitigate the risk of unauthorised access and tampering. Galaxkey’s Secure Signatures solution ensures that legal documents can be signed and shared safely, reducing the potential for fraudulent activity. The unique identity-based security feature ensures that only the intended recipient can open and sign the document, preventing unauthorized access and maintaining the integrity of the signing process.



In the finance industry, maintaining the security of financial data and transactions is paramount. Galaxkey’s Secure Signatures solution enables financial institutions to electronically sign and share sensitive financial documents, including invoices, purchase orders, and confidential contracts, while ensuring they remain protected from unauthorised access. Our end-to-end encryption technology ensures that all financial information is kept confidential and secure, enhancing workflow efficiency and reducing costs associated with printing, scanning, and physical storage.



In the defence industry, secure communication and collaboration are of vital importance. Galaxkey’s Secure Signatures makes it easy for defence personnel to electronically sign and share sensitive documents and reports, ensuring they remain confidential and secure at all times. The unique identity-based security feature ensures that only the intended recipient can access the document, while our three layers of encryption provide a high level of protection against unauthorized access. The audit feature allows defence personnel to track all activities carried out during the signing process, providing a comprehensive record and enhancing security.


Sign from any device

Secure Signatures allows you to sign documents from any writeable device, such as an iPad or mobile phone, as well as from any web browser. This flexibility enables you to sign and complete documents on-the-go or from the comfort of your own office, without being limited to a specific device or location.

Customised Signatures

Create and manage multiple signatures for various purposes. Whether you need a signature for personal documents, financial transactions or legal agreements, you can create a unique signature that suits each need. Additionally, you can choose from various signature formats, including automatic, drawn with a drawing pad or uploaded from paper, to ensure your signature looks just the way you want it to.

Electronic Stamp

An electronic stamp acts as the digital equivalent of a physical stamp or seal affixed to a paper document, lending authenticity and authority to the document. The electronic stamp is considered the legal signature of the company and is approved by its board of directors. With Secure Signature, you can create multiple electronic stamps for various purposes, such as personal or bank-related documents, to meet your specific requirements.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Ensure security and privacy when using the Galaxkey online portal for your signatures. 2FA requires every user to login using email ID, password and a One Time Password (OTP)

Sequential and Parallel Workflows

Secure Signature offers both sequential and parallel workflows to accommodate various signing scenarios. With sequential workflows, signatories are required to sign the document one after the other, in a specific order. The document is passed on to the second signatory only after the first signatory has signed it, and so on for the remaining signatories. This feature is helpful when a document requires multiple signatories, and the order of signatures is important.

On the other hand, parallel workflows allow all signatories to sign the document simultaneously, without any dependency. This feature is useful when all signatories have equal authority to sign a document or when a document needs to be signed quickly.


The recall feature enables you to retrieve a document that has been sent out for electronic signature for various reasons, such as sending the wrong document, sending it to the wrong signatories, or needing to make changes to the document's format. With this function, you can easily recall the document and make the necessary adjustments before resending it for signature.

Verify Signatures

Verify the authenticity of the signature of the signatory for all the documents signed. Galaxkey Global Holdings Limited ensures the verification of all documents signed through the platform. In addition, you can also add your own SSL certificates for your organisation, providing an extra layer of security. After the signing process is completed, you can easily verify the signature and be assured of the document's authenticity.

Policy Management

Easily set rules and policies to protect your data and meet specific compliance requirements. This allows you to have complete control over who can access your data and how it is being used. With our intuitive policy engine, you can define policies and ensure that your organisation is always in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Administrative High-Level Control

Administrators have complete control over their data and encryption keys, making it the perfect solution for managing security and compliance. By providing a central management system, Galaxkey simplifies key management and enables administrators to enforce policies and rules to protect their sensitive data.


Reflect your brand on notifications and web pages by adding your logo. This allows you to present a cohesive and consistent security solution to your clients or customers while maintaining your brand identity.


Automate your signing process by setting up notifications and reminders. With Secure Signature, you can ensure that you and your signatories never miss a deadline or an important task. Simply set up automated notifications and reminders, and Secure Signature will send them to you and your signatories according to the schedule you define. This allows you to focus on other important tasks and leave the signing process to Secure Signature's automation.

Full Auditability

With Galaxkey Secure Signatures, all activities during the signing process are recorded and auditable. This provides you with a complete trail of all activities and events that took place during the signing process, making it easier to identify and address any unauthorised activity.

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Simply upload your document, add signatories, and send it securely.

"We are in a highly regulated industry, and we need to be extremely cautious when it comes to sharing any sensitive data with our clients, suppliers and partners. Since we started using Galaxkey, we’ve made sure that, where clients, suppliers and partners agree, all sensitive information we send is sent using the platform. We’ve got a fully auditable record of everything, and we’re really confident that not only are we meeting industry requirements, but that we’re actually beating them".

Mark Baker, Finance Director, Valla Ltd

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