Galaxkey Secure Workspace

Keep your data safe from prying eyes, even when you need to share it with partners and customers

Secure Workspace

Data is the new gold for criminals and its theft can be devastating.

The digital world can be a scary place for companies, which are constantly at risk of attacks from hackers.

Data breaches can lead to everything from losing customer trust all the way to losing huge sums of money.

It’s tough trying to balance the protection of your most valuable asset with allowing your teams to work without constraint. And this task gets even harder when you need to collaborate with people outside of your own company.

Wouldn’t it be great to find a solution that truly protects your data, and allows you to collaborate freely?

Why use Galaxkey Secure Workspace?

Secure by Design

All files are scanned for viruses before they are uploaded and they are secured using Galaxkey’s unique, ultra-secure encryption technology.

No complex setup required

Galaxkey Secure Workspace can be deployed and configured in minutes. Galaxkey works transparently in the background to relieve your organisation of any key management complexities, so you don't have worry about it anymore!

Improved Productivity

Galaxkey Secure Workspace is the perfect office collaboration tool for real-time editing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint - multiple users can work on the same file at once, and see others make changes. Making productivity a breeze.

Version Control

Galaxkey Secure Workspace has built-in version control. So each time a file is updated or modified, the previous version is maintained in history. This means no more worrying about lost data!

Region-Based Hosting

To ensure that your data is safe, you can define and restrict access to one or more specific geographic regions.

Secure Collaboration on the Systems You Use

With Galaxkey Secure Workspace, your team can work together on Word, Excel and Powerpoint files with multi-user editing. Inbuilt messaging helps participants feedback to each other as they freely explore ideas in real-time!

How Easy is it to use Galaxkey Secure Workspace?

This explainer video shows you exactly how easy it is to use Galaxkey Secure Workspace.

How Galaxkey Secure Workspace Works

Galaxkey’s Secure Workspace offers the most uniquely secure file sharing experience possible. Every piece of data you share is protected by three layers of protection. Breaking through our security is like an attacker picking a combination lock with 2 to the power of 256 combinations. Near impossible!

We also believe that the only person who should access your file is the person it was sent to. That’s why we’ve ensured that you – and only you – have complete control over your own keys. No-one else can access them. And that’s unique!

What to expect from Galaxkey Secure Workspace


Galaxkey Secure Workspace meets legislative and industry compliance requirements, including GDPR.

Access Control

Grant different levels of access to different users. You might want to restrict confidential files for GDPR, make key documents view only, or prevent downloads for external collaborators. It’s up to you. It’s your space.


Have complete accountability by monitoring all the changes and actions performed by members.

On-Premise Option

You can install the server in-house and the files won’t even leave your organisation.

High level administrative control feature

Galaxkey provides a perfect solution for administrators to manage their keys and control their data.

Single Sign On

Galaxkey Secure Workspace supports Single sign on (SSO) so that your team can be automatically logged in with their workplace credentials.

White Labelling

Workspace also gives you the ability to customise your notification emails and corporate branding.

Geo Fence

Galaxkey Email Encryption will allow you to geofence your data to a specific network, or to a geographic area of your choice.

Download Data Sheet

Datasheet: Secure Workspace

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“It’s a clear platform, [the team] are confident in using it. It’s even raised their standards around managing data – now they’re thinking about how to do things better.”

Paul Archer, IT Analyst, The Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit (MRCCTU)