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Secure Workspace

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With data breaches and cyber-attacks on the rise, it's more important than ever to have a secure workspace for your team.

Galaxkey Secure Workspace, provides a comprehensive solution for your organisation's security needs, including secure file transfer and live collaboration both internally and outside of your organisation

The Galaxkey Difference

10101 Secure


Our unique three-layer protection uses identity-based encryption and FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption algorithms, providing the highest level of security for your data.

Secure Workspace


Our federated approach gives you the ultimate control over your secured data, ensuring that your business can work confidently within a cloud ecosystem with 100% federation. With two flexible techniques, the Hybrid and Enterprise implementations, you can achieve complete data protection and control.

Secure Workspace


Full auditability so that you have the necessary tools to easily access transaction history and quickly produce simple and effective reports for any audit requirements. This is especially important for industries that require compliance with regulations and standards such as finance, legal, and healthcare.

Secure Email Encryption

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Getting Started with Galaxkey

Galaxkey offers a number of powerful and flexible deployment solutions for data encryption and security.



The ultimate in secure deployment, this mode allows a complete cloud instance to be setup within the enterprise’s own infrastructure. This deployment is suitable for enterprises that have strict boundary rules and cannot connect to any external identity. A truly federated solution.



Hybrid deployment allows an enterprise to take control of their own keys and data, whilst keeping the external user management within the Galaxkey cloud setup. In this mode, a virtual appliance is setup in the corporate infrastructure and all corporate user keys and data is stored within that infrastructure. External user keys and data are stored within Galaxkey’s ISO27001 certified infrastructure.



Full-cloud allows secure working without touching your infrastructure. It allows an enterprise to setup its own tenancy within Galaxkey’s ISO 27001 certified infrastructure.

Galaxkey's impact on sensitive industries

Whether you’re in healthcare, legal, finance, defence, or manufacturing, Galaxkey is the perfect tool for secure collaboration and file sharing. With our unlimited file size and storage capabilities, you can easily share and store large files, such as medical records or financial documents, while maintaining strict security protocols.

And with our on-premise option, you can maintain a federated approach to your security, ensuring that your data is always protected no matter where it’s stored.



In the healthcare industry, sensitive patient data needs to be protected at all costs. Galaxkey Secure Workspace provides peace of mind by offering a secure platform for storing and sharing confidential medical records, lab reports, and other sensitive information. With its compliance with industry regulations and customisable access controls, healthcare professionals can focus on providing high-quality care to their patients without worrying about data breaches.



Law firms handle a large amount of confidential information, from client case files to intellectual property. With Galaxkey Secure Workspace, legal professionals can easily collaborate on documents while maintaining security and control. The platform’s built-in version control and audit capabilities ensure that all changes are tracked, and access is granted only to authorised personnel. This makes the product an ideal solution for lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals who need to work together on sensitive materials.



In the finance sector, data breaches can result in significant financial losses and reputational damage. Galaxkey Secure Workspace offers a secure solution for sharing sensitive financial data, such as client account information, investment reports, and other confidential documents. With its ultra-secure encryption and customisable access controls, financial professionals can collaborate on important files in real-time without fear of data theft or unauthorised access.



National security is a top priority for the defence sector, and the protection of classified information is critical. Galaxkey Secure Workspace offers a secure platform for sharing sensitive data, whether it’s between defence contractors, government agencies, or other key players. With its three-layer protection and FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption algorithms, the platform provides the highest level of security available. The product’s on-premise option also allows for a federated approach to security, making it an ideal solution for defence contractors and government agencies.



In the manufacturing industry, collaboration is critical to success. Galaxkey Secure Workspace offers a secure platform for sharing sensitive engineering data, such as CAD files and product designs. With its unlimited file size and storage capabilities, engineers and designers can easily collaborate on projects without worrying about file size limits. The platform’s built-in version control and audit capabilities ensure that all changes are tracked, and access is granted only to authorised personnel. This makes the product an ideal solution for manufacturing companies that need to work together on sensitive engineering data.



Features and protocols to ensure that your data is protected in accordance with relevant regulations and standards.

Access Control

Customise access levels for different users based on their roles and responsibilities. This allows you to control the level of access to confidential files, ensure key documents are view-only, and restrict downloads for external collaborators. As the owner of the workspace, you have the flexibility to determine who can access specific files and at what level, providing a personalised and secure space for your team to work in.


Monitor all changes and actions performed by Workspace members.


Galaxkey offers three different hosting options to cater to different organisational needs - cloud, hybrid, and enterprise. The cloud option allows you to host your data on Galaxkey's secure cloud servers, providing a convenient and scalable solution that requires no additional infrastructure or maintenance on your part. The hybrid option provides a combination of both cloud and on-premise hosting, allowing you to customise the level of control and security you need for different data types. Finally, the enterprise option provides a fully on-premise hosting solution, where a server is installed and managed in-house, giving you complete control over your data and security. With these three options, Galaxkey allows you to choose the best hosting solution to meet your specific requirements.


Galaxkey Secure Workspace supports Single sign on (SSO) so that your team can be automatically logged in with their workplace credentials.

White Labelling

Customise your Secure Workspace with your own corporate branding.


Create virtual boundaries around a specific network, or a geographic area of your choice. Allows for enhanced security and compliance by restricting access to sensitive data or locations.

Protection from Sensitive Content

Galaxkey's integration with Image Analyzer scans uploaded documents for sensitive content, reinforcing safety and privacy.

Secure by design

All files are scanned for viruses before they are uploaded, and they are secured alongside the users identity by default. No file is stored unencrypted. Files are not accessible without user access authentication.

Collaborate online

Galaxkey Secure Workspace allows real-time editing for Word, Excel and Powerpoint - multiple users can work on same file at the same time and see others make changes to it. The editing is done within the federated server and not in any third party cloud servers.

Quick deployment & easy operation

Within minutes Galaxkey Secure Workspace can be deployed and configured. Galaxkey works transparently in the background to relieve the organisation and users of any key management complexities.

Version control

Galaxkey Secure Workspace has built-in version control. So, each time a file is updated or modified, the previous version is maintained in history. This means that you can revert to a previous version at any time.

File size & format

Configure the file formats and file sizes that are permitted to be uploaded onto the Workspace.

Control 3rd party domains

Provide additional security by controlling who can be invited to work in your Workspace.

Restrict access rights

Control access rights to Workspaces at an individual member level.

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How to use Galaxkey Secure Workspace

This explainer video shows you how you can upload a file to your Secure Workspace

"Galaxkey is robust and easy to use. I like the way it’s embedded into our existing systems as opposed to having to access a separate platform. When you want to send an email from your normal inbox, a message pops up: “Do you want to send it securely via Galaxkey?” And you just click yes – and straight away, it’s gone.”.

Yvonne Hall, Managing Director, Palm Cove Society, UK