Comply with regulation
Secure personal information

Digital communications are increasing within this sector and the requirement to comply with strict data protection regulations means that securing student data is fundamental. Protecting these communications is crucial to the safety of staff, parents and students. Schools, colleges and universities regularly process and communicate confidential student data electronically. This data is shared internally (among staff) but also with third parties including parents and other educational bodies. Wherever personal data is communicated, shared or stored, this must be done securely.

Seamless integration
Easy to use and manage

Galaxkey helps the education sector by offering a data-centric solution that protects any data (emails and files). Integration is seamless and quick, without negatively impacting existing functioning and efficiency. Authorised staff, parents and third parties can communicate securely with ease.

  • Single sign-on for users
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure
  • Independent of device or infrastructure
  • Easy for all to use
  • Secures emails and files
  • Secures sensitive information
  • Enhances security posture
  • Meet compliance requirements