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Email Encryption
Send and receive encrypted emails from Outlook, iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows Devices.
Document Encryption
Encrypt and protect any document in any format.
Cloud Encryption
Encrypt and protect your files in Dropbox, Boxed, iCloud or Google Drive. Plus get 10GB Free secure cloud storage.
Secure Sharing
Share files securely with anyone with just a click of a mouse button.
Features Free Account Corporate Account
Send encrypted emails
Document encryption on Windows
10GB Free Secure Cloud Storage
Mobile and Web Access
Invite friends
Email timeout
Active Directory Integration  
Complete control on keys  
Administrative access  
In-House appliance  
Email revoke  
Group based policy and configuration  
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Finance & Banking
Encryption needs and requirements in the Finance and Banking Sector
Compliance driven health care industry requires patient data to be encrypted.
Lawyers and Solicitors are required to comply with data encryption.
Government holds maximum public data.
Doctor's stethoscope sitting on patient's medial record with computer keyboard in the background.

The importance of securing personally identifiable data has been emphasised once again. Allegedly a large US insurance company has been breached by a zero-day attack (the exploiting of an undisclosed software vulnerability), leading to…

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The Issues

The recent Mossack Fonseca breach involving approximately 11.5 million documents and being critical to the legal sector, is one with immense ramification and one that will be remembered for some time to come….

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Galaxkey is ‘climbing’ at the opportunity to raise funds for ActionAid UK to support the charity in changing lives for the better!

Team Galaxkey- Randhir Shinde, Andy Bryars & Patrick Cooper will ascend Kilimanjaro on the 10th June 2016…

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Image of document, eyeglasses and laptop on workplace

The Marlborough Group, a privately owned company employing over 120 staff, has implemented Galaxkey to secure their electronically transmitted communications and sensitive documentation. The group has approximately £6 billion assets under management, operating more…

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Security concept: computer keyboard with word Email Security on enter button background, 3d render


Although Email has become essential as means of business communication, the potential threats are often overlooked or underestimated. Employees go about their daily duties sending, receiving, opening emails and attachments with little, if any,…

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Technology is evolving at great speed, so much so, that it is often a struggle for many to stay abreast of the latest tech, newest trends and advances in solutions.  The evolution of technology…

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Privacy concept: pixelated words Data Encryption on digital background, 3d render

BBC’s technology reporter, Chris Foxx, explains encryption in an easy to understand manner.  Encryption may seem like a difficult concept to get one’s head around and it is great to see that the BBC…

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UK nurse using computer tablet

We often hear or read of one or other NHS trust having undergone a data breach and mostly this leads to loss and compromise of sensitive information as well as a substantial monetary penalty….

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Side view of a young couple looking at window display at real estate office

Estate Agents and Solicitors Continue to make the Same Security Mistakes

Cybercrime is a pressing topic. BBC (amongst others) have highlighted the severity of cybercrime and how cybercrime is effecting even the average person- people…

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14 December 2015

Today Galaxkey has released the German Windows Galaxkey version.  The German addition of Galaxkey for Windows will further support our German Galaxkey users.

As of today the German version will be available to…

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