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Email Encryption
Send and receive encrypted emails from Outlook, iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows Devices.
Document Encryption
Encrypt and protect any document in any format.
Cloud Encryption
Encrypt and protect your files in Dropbox, Boxed, iCloud or Google Drive. Plus get 10GB Free secure cloud storage.
Secure Sharing
Share files securely with anyone with just a click of a mouse button.
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Send encrypted emails
Document encryption on Windows
10GB Free Secure Cloud Storage
Mobile and Web Access
Invite friends
Email timeout
Active Directory Integration  
Complete control on keys  
Administrative access  
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Group based policy and configuration  
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Finance & Banking
Encryption needs and requirements in the Finance and Banking Sector
Compliance driven health care industry requires patient data to be encrypted.
Lawyers and Solicitors are required to comply with data encryption.
Government holds maximum public data.
Security concept: computer keyboard with word Email Security on enter button background, 3d render

President Barack Obama will soon be succeeded by President Elect Mr Donald Trump. One of the many glaring contrasts existing between the two American leaders is their differences in opinion regarding technology and how…

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Security concept: computer keyboard with word Email Security on enter button background, 3d render

We have such a misguided perspective of email and email function. We send emails, expecting them to be instantaneous-to arrive with immediate effect. Many of us have experienced email behaving in this way and…

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Legislation word cloud concept

Here are some insights …


  • Only 6% of cloud services currently comply with incoming data protection laws, a survey has found. The overwhelming majority of 20,000 cloud services evaluated by cloud security firm Skyhigh…
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Privacy concept: pixelated words Data Encryption on digital background, 3d render

28% of organisations using public cloud are not encrypting data stored there, according to a survey released by the US IT company HyTrust.

The cloud adoption survey interviewed more than 400 executives across…

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Computer hacker silhouette of hooded man with binary data and network security terms

What could be the largest publicly disclosed cyber-breach in history was exposed last week, as Yahoo revealed ‘state’ hackers stole data from 500 million users. This included swathes of personal information, including…

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Information concept: pixelated words data collection on digital background, 3d render

In August, the Anderson Review into bulk data collection – initiated by Teresa May as Home Secretary – published its findings. Britain’s spies should be allowed to continue harvesting large amounts of data from…

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Computer hacker silhouette of hooded man with binary data and network security terms

Sports stars are rarely targets for alleged state-sponsored hacking. However, the condemnation piled upon Russia in advance of this year’s Olympic Games should have prompted the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) to assess its cyber…

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APPROVED rubber stamp

Earlier this month, Hillary Clinton’s campaign team announced that they have adopted end-to-end encryption. Following controversies surrounding Clinton’s use of personal email while in office, coupled with the revelation last month that the Democratic National…

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New Compliance Rules newspaper headlines words torn from the news, including Revised Guidelines Released, Law Changes, How to Comply and more

Compliance and data protection in the EU is changing. By May 2018 the new regulation for the protection of data within the EU will be enforced. Although this may seem some time away, the…

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Doctor's stethoscope sitting on patient's medial record with computer keyboard in the background.

The importance of securing personally identifiable data has been emphasised once again. Allegedly a large US insurance company has been breached by a zero-day attack (the exploiting of an undisclosed software vulnerability), leading to…

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