Email Encryption

Galaxkey is a complete end-to-end email encryption product available on Microsoft Outlook, Mac, iOS, Android & Windows Mobile. It encrypts email in store and in transit. It is quick and easy to use and can be deployed in  minutes. Recipients are auto invited to join Galaxkey absolutely free. Such users can start using Galaxkey on completing a simple registration process.


    • Allows users to send and receive secure emails.
    • Enables the user to secure emails in the store (Exchange and IMAP folders).
    • Supports both corporate and individual accounts.
    • Supports corporate policy implementations.
    • Stores secured emails in sent items which can be viewed.
    • Enables viewing of secure emails without compromising the security of originally secured email.
    • Provides the interface for viewing emails on any browser enabled device using Galaxkey Web Access.
    • Complication free installation. All identity management is in the cloud and is managed by Galaxkey transparently.


    • Quick Deployment & Easy Operation
    • Secures Entire Email Content
    • B2B and B2C Supported
    • Invitation Model
    • Complete administrative control for corporate accounts.