Email security is a vital component of a business’s security policy because email is the most prevalent method of communication for businesses across the globe.

But, business email accounts need adequate protection when data privacy is a concern. Your emails hold a wide range of sensitive information, and it’s like gold to cyber-criminals.

We exchange many different types of data via email. Data such as:

  • confidential information included in company agreements
  • personal information about staff
  • private information about customers and preferred partners.

It means that your inbox, your outbox and your draft folders are full of information that’s ripe for exploitation if it gets into the wrong hands.

When you send a message outside of your company’s firewall, you face more threats. Once it leaves your company, your email isn’t protected, and it could easily end up in the wrong hands. Perhaps you sent it to the wrong person in error. Or perhaps cyber-criminals will intercept and view it. In either case, regulators recognise it as a data breach.

To avoid this, one simple solution exists – secure your emails with encryption and drastically improve email security.

What can email encryption do for email security?

When you secure your emails with encryption, you can encrypt them with a single click. It makes the content and any attachments illegible to anyone other than you and the recipient.

Reading an encrypted email is next to impossible unless you have access to its decryption key. The sender of the message can send this key to a specific recipient, ensuring that they alone have access. As a result, all messages you send are protected, preventing any chance of a data leak.

End-to-end encryption is the most beneficial, as it means that emails are protected right from when they are sent all the way until they are received by the authorised recipient. This prevents eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Encrypting emails is a secure and agile solution. It allows you to send your emails safely and smoothly throughout their whole journey, and it ensures workflow is never disrupted by weighty security protocols.

Encrypting stored emails

You should also encrypt emails that are stored in your company account, whether they’re in servers or simply on devices. These emails are “at rest”, and they should also be indecipherable to prying eyes. It means that your data cannot be compromised if a cybercriminal manages to steal credentials and access a business email system.

TIP: Ensure you encrypt every email – regardless of what it contains. When you encrypt only the emails containing sensitive information, it’s a flag to cybercriminals that valuable information may be inside.

In 2011 the Sony Playstation Network was breached, and as a result of poor email security, hackers could access unencrypted emails between employees which helped them move through the network and access even more sensitive data.

With the Galaxkey platform, you can easily right-click and encrypt files in your computer to ensure that no matter what, they’re fully protected and safe because of the three layers of encryption you wrapped around it, improving your email security greatly.

Fulfil your email security today with Galaxkey encryption

Galaxkey’s state-of-the-art end-to-end email encryption has been developed for enterprise use. It’s approved by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, and it conforms to the recommended standard of the US Government. Enterprises across the world, including universities, schools and government offices fortify their email security by using our platform.

Our email encryption offers comprehensive protection with no limits on size. It is also exceptionally user-friendly, ensuring that it is easy to employ effectively. Contact us now to see how it can work in your business, with installation and setup taking merely minutes.