Email is still the most prevalent method of communication for companies across the globe. However, email accounts and the messages received, sent and stored within them require adequate protection when privacy is a concern. Company email systems and employee accounts typically contain a wide range of sensitive information and, as a result, represent portals for unauthorised actors to access this data.

From confidential content on company agreements to personally identifiable information (PII) on staff, customers and preferred partners, many different data types are exchanged via email. As a result, inboxes, outboxes and draft folders are full of information ripe for exploitation if they fall into malicious hands.

Another threat to email security occurs when a message is sent beyond the boundaries of a firm’s firewall. Once sent, an email no longer has adequate protection and can be viewed by malicious attackers who intercept it, or simply viewed by the wrong recipient. In either case, such a scenario is recognised by regulators as a data breach.

To avoid all the issues above, one simple solution exists – using email encryption.

What can email encryption do?

Once appropriate software has been installed, users can encrypt an email with a single click. The contents of their message and its attachment are then illegible to anyone other than themselves. To view the email and any documents included is next to impossible, unless an individual has access to the associated decryption key, sometimes referred to as a public key. The sender of the message can send this key to a specific recipient ensuring that they alone have access. As a result, all messages sent are adequately protected, preventing any chance of a data leak.

Encrypting emails is a secure and agile solution. As the data is encrypted, emails can be sent or shared safely, smoothly ensuring workflow is never disrupted by weighty security protocols.

Encrypting stored emails

Emails that are stored in company accounts can also be encrypted. While at rest, messages and their attachments can be made indecipherable to prying eyes. Consequently, if a threat actor manages to steal credentials and access a business email system, no data can be compromised.

While some firms may be tempted to only encrypt emails that contain sensitive information, the wisest policy is to encrypt every email regardless of its contents. When only some emails are encrypted, it can flag private documents to malicious actors who can quickly identify valuable information.

Secure your email today with Galaxkey encryption

At Galaxkey, we have developed state-of-the-art end-to-end email encryption for enterprise use. Approved by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, it also conforms to the recommended standard of the US Government by using the three-layer onion model. As a result, it is also fit for use by educational institutions such as universities and schools, as well as local government offices.

Our email encryption offers comprehensive protection with no limits on size. It is also exceptionally user-friendly, ensuring that it is easy to employ effectively. Contact us now for a free trial.