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Galaxkey Email Encryption


Email expiry & Recall
Mail delivery confirmation
Prevent wrong recipient
Digital signatures
Verify identity
GDPR compliance
Block forward & reply
UK National Cyber Security (NCSC) CPA certified
US government standard AES FIPS 140-2 compliant

Make sure the only eyes on your email are the ones you choose with Galaxkey's user-friendly one-click encryption that works everywhere.

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Email hacking and corporate espionage are growing threats in today’s digital economy. Every email and attachment entering and exiting your business must be safe and secure, to reduce malware risks and keep snoopers out, and GDPR compliance makes the need to protect confidentiality even more important. You need a security system that allows a free flow of business while shutting out threats.

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How to Securely
Encrypt Email

Galaxkey’s email encryption is uniquely secure. Every message you send is carefully wrapped in three layers of protection to keep even the most persistent snoopers out. Breaking through our email security is like an attacker picking a combination lock with 2 to the power of 256 combinations three times over. Practically impossible.

System Compatible Secure Email

Our uniquely secure email encryption application works with all popular systems (Outlook, iOS, Android, Windows) to protect your emails in transit and at destination. Simply add the software to your system to start protecting your emails immediately.

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GDPR-Compliant Email Features
Anti-spoof Software
Proof of Delivery
GDPR-Compliant Email Features

Save time and make sure you are GDPR-compliant with our regulation-friendly email time out and email recall features – included as standard in our secure email software.

Email recall allows your team to relax safe in the knowledge that they can change their mind about who sees a confidential message at any time. You can recall both internal and external emails.

Giving emails a shelf life is especially useful for hospitals, lawyers, schools and other businesses dealing with privileged information. You can switch on this protection across your entire business or for individual users and messages. Setting time limits on outgoing emails makes sure access stops automatically after a certain point, even when the recipient is outside your organisation. Galaxkey’s email time out feature makes GDPR compliance easy.

Anti-spoof Software

How can you be sure your email is going to the right person? Do you know for sure the sender is who they say they are? Criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their attempts to access confidential information with every year.

Our tamperproof digitally-signed emails give both sender and receiver peace of mind. Spoof emails and phishing attacks succeed by pretending to come from a trusted source. That is not possible with identity-based protection. Once our software is on your system, every user receives a secure user identity that cannot be forged or mistaken for a lookalike.


Proof of Delivery

You are happy to sign for parcels, so why not ask email recipients to sign too? Our application gives you the ability to block recipients from seeing email content until they sign. This simple stage allows you to create a useful and legal proof of delivery.

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