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The risks associated with Not Safe For Work (NSFW) media demand proactive measures. Measures to protect employees, maintain a positive work culture and safeguard reputation.

The risks associated with data safety also demand proactive measures. Measures to protect sensitive data from prying eyes and harmful cyber threats.

Galaxkey’s Secure Workspace, including its new cutting-edge Visual Threat Intelligence feature, does both. It protects your sensitive data from harm. And it detects and prevents visual threats within images.

What is NSFW?

Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content refers to material that is inappropriate for a typical work environment.

This content can include explicit imagery:

  • violence
  • drugs
  • alcohol
  • nudity, and more.

It can lead to potential legal liabilities and a degraded work culture.

It’s why addressing NSFW content is crucial to maintaining a respectful and secure workspace.

What is Galaxkey Secure Workspace?

Galaxkey Secure Workspace is a comprehensive security platform that prioritizes data protection. It combines the following:

  • secure file transfer
  • collaboration
  • powerful encryption techniques

It allows organizations to safeguard data regardless of its location or access devices. By integrating Visual Threat Intelligence, Galaxkey takes data security to new heights. It ensures that sensitive content remains secure and free from harmful visual threats.

Let’s explore how this technology can help keep data and people safe in the legal sector.

Use in the Legal Sector

The Visual Threat Intelligence Module serves as a powerful tool in the legal sector. It offers several key benefits:

1. Legal Compliance and Protection:

Law firms must adhere to the strictest legal obligations to protect their data. Galaxkey Secure Workspace allows them to secure and protect their entire workspace. And by addressing NSFW content, they can commit to maintaining a secure work environment.

This proactive approach helps prevent potential legal liabilities. Liabilities related to data breaches or unprofessional conduct. It also enhances the organization’s reputation as one that takes data security seriously. It demonstrates a responsible and diligent attitude towards protecting sensitive information. And it sends a positive message to clients, regulatory authorities, and other stakeholders.

2. Preparing for Litigation

Litigation preparation can be a complex and challenging process for legal professionals. They often need to sift through vast amounts of evidence. This can include images and documents that help to build a strong case for their clients. But, some of this evidence may contain distressing NSFW content. It could contain graphic images or explicit material, which can be emotionally taxing for those viewing it. When the module identifies sensitive material, it provides a warning to the viewer. This serves as a crucial heads-up. It allows the viewer to mentally prepare themselves for potentially distressing material. And it allows them to take precautions to ensure a suitable working environment.

3. Preventing Workplace Harassment

A respectful and safe work environment is crucial in a legal setting. The module’s capabilities help by preventing the circulation of inappropriate content. When a team knows that their workspace is monitored, it fosters a culture of respect and accountability. Knowing that any attempt to share offensive material will be addressed, acts as a deterrent. A harassment-free workplace is crucial for protecting employees’ dignity and mental well-being. The module’s capabilities ensure that all team members can focus on their work. They can do it without fear of exposure to offensive or harmful material. This promotes a healthier and happier work atmosphere.

Finally, the module provides valuable insights into the types of NSFW content present. HR can use this to address emerging patterns of inappropriate behaviour. It allows them to create training or policies to reinforce a harassment-free workplace.

Galaxkey’s Visual Threat Intelligence Module empowers legal organizations to address risk. By ensuring a secure and compliant workspace, legal professionals can:

  • safeguard sensitive data
  • protect their reputation
  • maintain a respectful work culture
  • maintain a healthy team

With this solution, legal firms can take a significant step towards a safer, more secure workplace. A workplace where data protection and employee well-being are prioritized above all else.


If you’d like to download a PDF of this use case, simply click here. We hope you find it valuable!