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The digital advancements in the health sector are impacting privacy and the security of data. Security threats to the sector are on the rise, increasing the risk of unauthorised access to patient data, loss of data integrity as well as impacting the availability of data. Compliance with regulations governing privacy and the security of health information is mandatory however, many organisations are yet to meet all the requirements. This whitepaper highlights the data privacy and security challenges experienced by the health sector and offers a solution to protect sensitive data and meet health-specific compliance obligations.
Armed forces
Secure communications for service members of the Armed Forces is vital for both personal and operational security. When a service member is working abroad and is physically absent from family members for extended periods (weeks, months and even years) it is crucial that communications are maintained to enhance morale and provide the support that is needed to all parties. This white paper highlights how Galaxkey helps our valuable Armed Forces, when deployed abroad, to stay securely connected to their family and friends while maintaining operational security.