Bradford Council
The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, a UK public sector organisation, replaced their incumbent encryption solution that was not practical or easy to use and did not offer the flexibility that they required with Galaxkey. Galaxkey provides the data security and legislative compliance that the council requires when processing sensitive data, emails and files and the Secure Gateway offers them a mechanism for sending secured invoices. Galaxkey is easy to use and flexible and integrated with their existing processes seamlessly.

The Marlborough Group
The Marlborough Group, a privately-owned company, has approximately £6 billion assets under management and operates more than 70 authorised Collective Investment Schemes. Marlborough dispatches contracts and numerous client sensitive documentation via email which needs to be safe and secure. Marlborough uses Galaxkey to secure their sensitive data (static and in transit) and to control access to their data, ensuring that their data is solely accessible by the intended recipient. Compliance with several regulatory legislations needed to be addressed.

The Leys School
The Leys, a co-educational boarding and day school, in the City of Cambridge is using Galaxkey as their email encryption platform to achieve their data protection objectives and meet their compliance obligations as well as those of the GDPR. The Leys is regularly required to share confidential information electronically within the school network as well as with third parties. The school’s staff communicate with each other using a variety of devices. Single sign-on for users in the school was also a requirement that Galaxkey was able to meet.

DDO Solicitors
DDO solicitors, a private law firm based in Mayfair, Central London, is using Galaxkey to protect their large volumes of confidential and personal client data and meet GDPR compliance. Data protection is important as they, not only, communicate and collaborate sensitive information internally but with third parties as well. The team works in a highly-connected environment, using a variety of platforms and rely on electronic communications, mobile computing as well as storage and archiving of data.

Care Software Solutions
Care Software Solutions, a supplier of care plan management software for Nursing, Residential Homes and the Home and Domiciliary Care Sector uses Galaxkey to protect and manage the sensitive personal data it handles. The Jersey-based company provides a care management platform, Zuri, to support carers in the health industry to manage client care. As the company and Zuri handle sensitive personal data, it needs to be done in a secure and GDPR compliant way. Galaxkey helps Care Software Solutions to achieve this for both the business and Zuri.