Bradford Council
The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, a UK public sector organisation, replaced their incumbent encryption solution that was not practical or easy to use and did not offer the flexibility that they required with Galaxkey. Galaxkey provides the data security and legislative compliance that the council requires when processing sensitive data, emails and files and the Secure Gateway offers them a mechanism for sending secured invoices. Galaxkey is easy to use and flexible and integrated with their existing processes seamlessly.


DDO Solicitors

A prestigious private sector law firm with numerous UK-based and international clients, Desai, Ding and Oberoi Solicitors take data protection extremely seriously. Every day, their clients entrust them with large amounts of highly confidential information. So DDO Solicitors need ultra-robust ways to secure, track and control access to data, including across different jurisdictions.

Galaxkey’s data security products as most appropriate for their needs, because they offer strong data protection yet are simple to use. Galaxkey enables organisations to secure data at the click of a button, and to easily control access to data regardless of location.

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Care Software Solutions
Care Software Solutions, a supplier of care plan management software for Nursing, Residential Homes and the Home and Domiciliary Care Sector uses Galaxkey to protect and manage the sensitive personal data it handles. The Jersey-based company provides a care management platform, Zuri, to support carers in the health industry to manage client care. As the company and Zuri handle sensitive personal data, it needs to be done in a secure and GDPR compliant way. Galaxkey helps Care Software Solutions to achieve this for both the business and Zuri.

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