How Class Insurance protects highly sensitive data for insurance claims


Class Insurance provides insurance to schools to cover the cost of supply teachers when staff are off sick. Their challenge was securing sensitive personal information emailed during insurance claims.


Securing sensitive personal information emailed during insurance claims.


Covering nearly 600 schools across England and Wales – primary, secondary, special schools and academies – Class Insurance deal with around 3,000 cases each year.

This involves receiving, processing, and emailing large amounts of highly sensitive data about individuals’ illnesses and absences. Office Manager and Lead Underwriter Joe Breaks explains:

“It’s a very labour-intensive operation. Some claims are straightforward, but some require multiple emails backwards and forwards. A long-term claim might go on for six or seven months, and every month we’ll be receiving medical certificates or perhaps a GP’s report if we need it. It’s all very, very sensitive data. And there’s a lot of it.”

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced in 2016, Joe realised Class Insurance needed a stronger way to protect sensitive data exchanged in emails.

“We knew we had to put something extra in place to make sure we’re communicating with our clients safely. When schools send us highly sensitive personal information from their teachers or support staff, they need to know that it’s only coming to us, and it’s secure.”


Galaxkey provides ultra-strong email security that’s straightforward to use.

Joe researched various secure email providers. “Galaxkey was already being used by some schools in our area. And having spoken to them and liked what we heard, it looked like the best fit for us.”

Galaxkey installed its Secure Email for all Class Insurance’s staff. Joe and his colleagues liked how easy it was to install and start using.

“It was very straightforward. You just click on a link and it’s a simple download. Then you log in, just once – you don’t have to log in every time.”

Galaxkey’s end-to-end encryption keeps emails and attachments safe at every step. And crucially, Galaxkey integrates directly with Class Insurance’s existing email application, MS Outlook. This meant staff didn’t have to switch to and learn a whole new platform for sending and receiving emails.

“People often have a certain way of doing things and they don’t really like change. They’re used to sending an email by going to their mail client, writing the email, clicking Send. And that’s the good thing about Galaxkey – it hasn’t altered in any way, shape or form the processes that people have been using for the last 20 years to send emails.”


Sensitive data is always protected, without compromising staff productivity.

Since installing Galaxkey, Joe and his colleagues can focus on going about their daily tasks as usual, safe in the knowledge that sensitive data is always protected.

“Using Galaxkey gives us and our clients the comfort of knowing that all data is secure. Yet, from a practical perspective, using Galaxkey Secure Email doesn’t impact us in any way. It doesn’t add any additional tasks to the day; it doesn’t take any longer to open or send emails. It’s quick and very straightforward.”

A key advantage Galaxkey provides is keeping data safe even when sent to somebody without a Galaxkey licence. Because Class Insurance works with hundreds of schools, this includes some schools using different secure email platforms. It’s important for Class Insurance to ensure data is secured, whoever they’re communicating with.

“The good thing about Galaxkey is we can send a secure email and a school can open and reply to it, even if they haven’t paid for a Galaxkey subscription. And we know the email reply and any attachments are still secure.”

Using Galaxkey also gives peace of mind that Class Insurance are meeting their legal obligations for data protection – a vital consideration for a reputable insurance brokerage.

Throughout, Joe has been impressed with Galaxkey’s customer service.

“The staff at Galaxkey are all very friendly, very knowledgeable, always eager to help. I can’t fault them.”

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