An extensive arsenal of attack types is currently deployed against businesses of all size around the world. Threat actors are continuously working to hone the cyberattacks they employ with ever-more devious options from data encrypting ransomware to worrisome worms.

While once computer viruses were the most notorious threats aimed at enterprises, today firms must be on their guard against a more diverse range of disruptive and damaging creations.

The Trojan, sometimes referred to as a “Trojan Horse”, is a threat that business users should all be aware of, as unlike a conventional computer virus, it is not self-replicating. More importantly, it can only be spread by a user who has been fooled into downloading it onto their company device. Put simply, this means that if an employee understands the risks involved in downloading a Trojan and knows what actions should or should not be taken, their potential harm can be negated.

Appearances can be deceiving

Trojans are a malicious device disguised as a seemingly harmless application or file. Typically attached to emails as a downloadable document or tucked inside an authentic looking skin at an app store, this lethal tool can unleash havoc on an enterprise device along with its network and any machines connected to it.

All employees should be trained to never open attachments from unknown sources and to ensure security system scan any apps or files before they are downloaded. Additionally, they must know who to report suspicious emails to, ensuring that an alert can be issued. If one of your staff has received an email containing a Trojan, there is a good chance others have to. By identifying and reporting attacks early, threats can be contained quickly and effectively.

A multi-pronged attack

Depending in their design, Trojans can unleash many different actions, all of which are harmful. Once a user erroneously activates the Trojan, malicious code or software is deployed that takes control of desktop computers or laptops. Once it has assumed power, the Trojan can steal sensitive data stored on a device or damage and delete important information. In some cases, it may be able to spread to other connected computers on your network and carry out the same harmful actions.

Defending your devices from cyberattacks

Keeping informed on the many traps and tricks deployed by threat operators should always form a core part of your company’s established security protocols. Although making sure backups are strictly maintained and that security patches and updates and are immediately implemented is important, here at Galaxkey, we have created a secure platform offering enterprises comprehensive protection.

Featuring easy-to-use but powerful encryption, our solution enables you to add premium protection to all your private data files – whether they are at rest on company servers or on the move via email or a file transfer. Our system has zero back doors and passwords are never stored for additional security. Why not contact us today to experience a free two-week trial or an online demonstration?